Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lots from Zuzka - New Workouts, New Lifted Butt Workout, New Fashion Haul, New Book

So I mentioned before that Zuzka has her new book available for pre-order. Are any of you getting it?

Here is her latest schedule:

Her Lifted Butt Series #3 looks like a burner of a workout:

Workout Breakdown
Buy in: 100 KB swings
1. Weighted clams x 20 / 20
2. Weighted backward lunge lean forward to chair squat (x3) / Goblet squat (x3) alt. legs x 6 sets
3. Weighted in and out clams x 20/20
4. Side lunge deadlift (x5) / kettlebell swing (x5) alt. x 6 sets
5. Sumo Squat pulses x 50 reps

I'm not a big fan of the fashion overhauls, but she sure did spend a lot of money on a lot of new clothes! Didn't she? 


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  2. I won't order her book, I don't think I need it while I'm doing her workouts on a regular basis.

    I tought BR were launching their beginner series this week? Do you have any news about it?

    1. I don't see any info on Freddy's, Lisa's or the main FB page right now about it....

  3. I'm not a fan of Zuzka's fashion hauls either. With this one, the online company asked her to choose the outfits. I don't really like Zuzka's personal style very much these days, and I thought she clothes she ordered didn't suit her at all.
    I also won't be buying her book. After the whole WIN Entertainment debacle, I am extremely wary of purchasing any goods from her. When she was with them and was peddling all those DVDs, beauty products, brands etc, I didn't go along with it and am now glad I didn't.