Sunday, September 6, 2015

Build Your Booty Program And Beginner Routine From BR.TV and Zuzka's Latest Arm Balance Challenge

I saw this posted on Lisa's FB page today:

If you go to her page it is Edith being filmed and it is a blooper and it is pretty cute. But I am curious to see what their booty program will be like. But no one can beat the Glute Guy - Bret himself! He ROCKS. Here is one of his latest posts and it is a very good read:

I am surprised BR.TV is doing another beginner program. They have done them in the past, but they didn't seem to go over as well. I wonder if doing it real time with Edith will bring them more success.
Their real time workouts with Lisa seem to bring in the most business, so I am not sure WHY they do not do more of it?! It just doesn't make sense to me.
Back in the day when Zuzka was the host they would randomly post new workouts each week. Well, I guess they do that now, but it just doesn't seem the same. I used to get so excited to see the new workouts. I have not felt like that in a while. But I have also grown in terms of strength, so these HIIT routines are not always what I am looking for. When I first started them I would DIE. I just need more strength in my workouts nowadays.
Maybe that it why they are aiming at beginners because people who have been following them for a while, need more?

Zuzka posted her Arm Balance workout today and it is so cool!!! Wheel into handstand and flipping over. I haven't tried this in a long time. I typically do it the other way - I do a handstand and flip over into wheel. But you definitely need handstand and wheel experience before attempting this!
I like her yoga workouts a lot. They are my favorites!


  1. So Zuzka is making a new lifted butt series and Bodyrock is making a build your butt series...quite a funny coincidence, isn´t it? :))

    1. Hmmmm.....good point! Probably not a coincidence, but I am not sure who started it first. Might be a good combo of exercises from both sides though! We can all have new booty's. LOL

    2. Of course, I always like to do a a good booty workout :) But I still wish both those sites starts to post something more challenging than the same stuff all over again... beginners series doesn´t sound exactly exciting to me :)

    3. Me either. I like the more advanced stuff, but we must not be the norm if they both keep doing beginner stuff.

    4. Maybe they are catering to beginners because of a surge in new views or something similar? At the same time, I'd think that maybe they'd do more ~intermediate or ~advanced workouts and have beginner modifications, like they used to do back in the day. That's what I liked, because it gave me something to work up to, to progress towards. Not so much anymore,

    5. I wonder if they are in fact getting a surge of new viewers myself.....