Friday, August 14, 2015

New Stuff From Zuzka: 15 Min Burn, 5 Min Friday, Keto Diet and Fashion Haul, Edith's new book, and Looks Like BR is in Greece

Zuzka is still posting lots of new stuff quite frequently and I like that.
She has her latest 15 min Burn Workout and her 5 min workout (tho I still never saw the 5 min one from last week?)
She also posted her experience with the Keto diet and another fashion haul.

What did you all think of her latest 15 min burn? It looked OK to me - a good cash out workout, or something to do 2 rounds of to make it 30 min. I never like the kicking exercises, but that's only a matter of opinion.
Some of you have chimed in on the comments last week that working out less has actually worked really well, BUT you also needed to eat much less. Zuzka does not appear to eat a lot (IMO) and the more you workout, the more you need to eat, and the hungrier you get. It can be a catch 22! I like to workout longer though because 1, I enjoy it, 2, I like to practice certain exercises, 3, I feel like I need more time to get good at anything, and 4, I like a longer burn!
Rumi ( mentioned that she felt like her performance and strength suffered with shorter workouts as well.

I was not a big fan of her 5 min workout. Not intense enough for just 5 min. BUT, I do have to hand it to her. She did it in a bikini!!!! I am not sure I would have the guts to do that!

If you are interested in her fashion stuff, you can check it out here:

I LOVE the bra she is wearing here and want one! It is from Titika and I've been looking into their stuff lately. I am also a BIG fan of Carbon38 which is something that Edith promotes.

Have you seen that Edith has a new book out?! I am so happy for her! What do you guys think? She used to be a model and has put ON about 15 lbs instead of losing weight. (Much Like Haley if you guys remember her). 

Z also goes over her experience with the Keto Diet. What did you guys think? I thought this was a pretty honest assessment:
I think where a lot of people who want to do this diet struggle with the adaptation. Z seems to have more control over what she puts in her mouth and is able to deal with uncomfortable-ness more than many of us are willing to.

I just read an AWESOME article on being uncomfortable to get the life you want. Check it out here:

BR.TV is still doing a lot of repeats, but looks like they are busy on the road. I really wish they would fill us in with more details and keep us excited about what is to come....

Jacqui - one of their newest trainers (and Sean's girlfriend I believe) did a burpee in Greece and it was posted on the BR FB page. Doing a burpee where-ever you go was something that Zuzka started, so I think it is weird that they are still continuing to do it from time to time as well,


  1. Last week it was a zwow week, she now alternate between 5 min workout and zwows on fridays. Last week she post zwow 8

  2. I like the Titika bra, I want one too :) Z looks amazing in the bikini video! Thank you for mention my website :)

  3. Loved the Mark Manson article. Thanks for sharing!