Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bored with BR.TV and Zuzka's Latest 5 Minute Workout and Some Cheaper Equipment Options

I don't know about anyone else, but I am kinda bored with BR.TV these days. I feel like their last challenge with the 4 different trainers was a bit of a let down. Kristin left (or was fired?). There was a great 2 weeks with Edith, but definitely too short. And BR Plus had gone off the radar for a while. They don't even advertise it anymore. Now they are repeating another older challenge.

I am sure it is just a lull, but I wish there was more communication on their behalf on what is going on. I don't see Kelsey on their site anymore - no more of her blog posts have been printed. I don't see any of my new blog entries being posted either. Not sure what is going on, but probably something behind the scenes. I just don't think they should leave us all in the dark so much. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Zuzka posted her latest 5 minute workout and I liked it. It is #43 - wow, really? I did not realize there were that many!

Workout Breakdown
1. Lunge to push up knee tuck combo x 6 alternating legs
2. One arm Kettlebell Swing x 10 alternating arms
3. Jump Lunge Kick up x 6

The lunge push up knee tuck combo I LOVE! She seems to be on a bit of a roll lately. I am looking forward to her arm balance workout tomorrow. 
There has not been a big push on equipment lately either. I finally got an Equalizer (a much cheaper option is offered HERE, but actually have not used it much. I use my pull-up bar, Kettlebells and jump rope ALL the time. Can't live without them! Z started selling the dip station, and you can get it for pretty cheap as well HERE. Click on any of the affiliate links above if you want any equipment. There are also usually a ton of great shipping deals in the summer time. 


  1. Love your new blog theme! 1. I sorta mix up my exercise routine. Taking from various sources (Right now I am doing a fitness blender 8 weeks fat loss program along with some yoga from Z and BR). 2. I think they should have made an announcement even if it was one of those "We are updating right now so everything is on hold...." kinda things.Hopefully everything gets back on track over there soon.

  2. Freddy had on his FB page that they are going back to shooting new workouts around the world. I think this is why there hasn't been much going on for them at this time.