Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nothing New From BR, BR Plus Ebook, But More New Stuff From Zuzka

So.... Nothing new from BR!! They are repeating their bootcamp with Lisa. A lot of their posts on their FB page are repeats. I've submitted new blog posts and nothing has gotten published in a while.

Now if you are a BR plus member you have been paying for a couple of months of nothing! I did however get an email just the other day with a new sexy ab EBook added to the downloads.

Zuzka has her latest schedule posted: 

Workout Schedule

I am curious as to what the mystery workout is! She says she has lots of new stuff coming up for us. I got this email from her: 
Hi guys,

I know that in Los Angeles there isn't really a seasonal change in weather but I still like to track the seasons and make goals to accomplish every few months throughout the year.  I don't know about you but I feel like this summer has gone by faster than ever, we'll be in August in just a week! 

I have accomplished a lot though... I did my Summer Shred workout series which I was very proud of, I completed my certification for postural therapy, I did a sugar detox with the keto diet, and most importantly I moved into my new house.  I've also made a lot of progress with my upcoming book, my clothing line and custom supplement development!

Now that I've moved, my goal is to shoot more videos for all you guys on my YouTube channel (all of my latest VLOGS, workouts and Coffee Talks are listed at the bottom of this email) AND I'm working on some more fun but challenging workout series for you in my ZGYM.  I'm so thankful for all your support through the years and I can't wait to share more with you guys!  


What do you guys think? 

Z always seems to be moving! She did it a lot with Freddy and now with Jesse. After building her own in home studio, they move?! 


  1. I actually thought the same thing about her moving- when she was with Freddy she always seemed to move- sometimes I was concerned about her & Jesse if she didn't just replace what she had before-
    I wonder if she's searching for something she'd lacking- I hope she finds what she's been looking for :) I really like her so much & wish blessings upon her:)

  2. I'm pretty happy about the new Zgym setting, I was bored of the other one! Zuzka is amazing, she's a hard worker and I have a lot of respect for her work. She really offers consistency in her workout schedule (as opposed to BR). The mystery workout is out ans I'm about to do it!