Friday, July 24, 2015

Lots of New Stuff Going on With Zuzka

Have you guys liked her more this week? 

Not a lot of new workouts, but a new coffee talk, another new bathing suit, new hair extensions, a new short video on her FB page showing a pretty cool exercise that I wanna try! Plus she contributed to the Today show and she posted a Q& A video.
Busy lady this week! 

Here is the link to her coffee talk:

I know the product Ellavage that she uses is an affiliate of hers. I also notice that she sells animal free bags which is ironic because she's a big meat eater. 

She also talks about oil pulling (with another affiliate link too I believe) which helps with bad breath according to Z. Which I believe being in a state of Ketosis gives you stinky breath, so maybe this helps. 

Here is the link to her workout contribution to the Today show: 
She goes over a burpee - no surprise there!!!

How many bathing suits does this woman own?!?!?! :)

It also looks to me that Z got new and longer hair extensions put in. Do you guys like it? 

Her latest beginner workout I liked and thought it was pretty good for newbies and also one easy enough to make more advanced. She redid Zwow#7 as well. I like that she is redoing some of the Zwows. I know first hand how hard it can be to keep coming up with new routines! 

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