Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Routines From Edith, Beginner Routine From Zuzka, Lisa's New Hair

BR.TV has posted a bunch of new workouts with Edith and they are awesome! Legs, chest n back, arms n shoulders and abs n glutes. You could put all of them together and get in one really great full body workout. 
Her routines are very well balanced with compound big movements and it's smart. I like it! I didn't like one ab move (a punching one), but that's me. 

What have you guys thought of her routines? Not to mention she looks awesome!!! I LOVE her body. I love what she wears too. Did you guys see her post on where her clothes are all from? She mentioned how much she loves wearing workout clothes and has trouble figuring out what to wear when she goes out. lol. I feel her pain.
I absolutely adore workout wear too and never know what to wear when it's a night out!!!

Did anyone else see that Lisa got bangs? She had done a post asking if she should or not and she did. I wonder if she is copying Edith at all who has bangs as well....

Hard to tell here but I bet it looks cute.

As far as Zuzka's latest routine it looks pretty good actually for beginners as she uses such light weights, but then it makes it easier to add weight to make it more advanced. I loved her outfit too - which I wish she would list who makes when outfits too. I think most of her stuff is Lorna Jane. 
If anyone can chime in on Zs arm balance challenge, I would love to hear your thoughts! 


  1. Do you know if the bosu is necessary to purchase? They've been using it a lot lately- if so do you know if I can find it cheaper than what they are selling it for on body rock?:)

    1. The Bosu is expensive! You cN get it here cheaper:
      Or you can try CL or eBay.
      I don't think it is necessary tho. You can use a step or bench or mats, etc