Friday, May 1, 2015

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout, Lisa Mentions the New Challenge, Sean Using the TRX

Zuzka posted her latest and FREE 5 minute workout which was all about abs. A GREAT little ab burner to add to the end of a workout. I really liked it! It is 40 seconds on 10 off:

Workout Breakdown
1. Scissors
2. Side crunch left side
3. Side crunch right side
4. Plank Jacks
5. Russian Twist
6. Bird Dogs
I know Zuzka mentions you can do just 5 minutes on days where you simply do not have time, and though I agree that 5 minutes is better than nothing, if I only HAD 5 minutes, I probably wouldn't do an ab workout. Not to say that this one is a great to add onto your own workouts - like I said, I liked it. But if only had 5 minutes, push ups and pull ups for 5 min straight, or deadlifts and squats, lunges and push presses, etc. I would do larger more compound movements. But that's me!

Lisa has a video posted on her FB page. She looks very pretty. Though it is still shocking to me at times to see how different she looks since she first started with BR. Her hair looks terrific. Her nose, lips and cheeks are not even the same person. But she likes it, so I guess that is what matters,
She does mention the next challenge here, but does NOT mention when! UGH!

Sean has a little video clip of himself using the TRX. People are assuming that it will be part of the next challenge, but Lisa states on her FB page, that it is not as most people cannot use one from home. I too thought it was coming when I saw the video:

What are you guys doing for a workout today?


  1. I have a pretty intense weightlifting day today (some monstersets, some triplesets, some dropsets, some trisets etc.) and may depending on how i feel do some plyos or some cardio for 30 mins time. I do my 2-3 more standard 5x8-15 reps full body workouts in the week days with some cardio days in there too, friday is more like a HIIT strength day, saturday is always booty and sunday is hot yoga or rest :)

    1. I always love hearing about your insane workouts!!!!!