Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Latest From Zuzka. BR.TV and Bret!

Zuzka has her free Beginner's Workout posted for the day today. It is funny how she includes jumping in these workouts, but makes them 'mini' jumps. I was not a big fan of this workout though. Weird jumping moves - probably just to get you moving around, but not a favorite of mine nonetheless.
Zuzka also starts her new back pain series this week. Her Postural Therapy Workout will be on Sunday this week.
Lastly, Z posted an article:
On how the Inuit people survive on almost no carbs. Well, there are other coutries (Italy, Spain, France)  that thrive and stay lean on high carbs. So go figure. It is because unlike the USA these countries consume less sugar, less glucose load and a far better omega 3/omega 6 ratio.

Well Friday is May 1st and I thought that BR.TV was starting their latest challenge in May, but I haven't seen anything advertised for it - yet! I am dying to know what is coming next! Am I missing something? Has anyone else seen anything for it?
There is a pretty great pic of Sean - and I am assuming this is part of one of his workouts of the upcoming challenge:

There are a couple of fantastic blog posts out by Bret Contreras that some of you might really enjoy and find useful:
Bret writes about comparing yourself to others.
This one has a video of some crazy glute moves that some of you just might want to start incorporating into your routines!


  1. I am also looking up to there new challenge. Well I enjoy the hiit max I have done week 1-14 so many times that I'm just ready for once next and well I think Melissa bender is a beautiful woman I don't really like her approach. I love how Lisa like come on let's do this together

  2. so so true on the food choices and culture! Z is really samey the now and br a bit boring maybe because there is so much choice and competition nothing holds and grasps my attention, when is there going to be some serious lifting for ladies a really good sound structured programme? I am so grateful that reading ur blogs I got the confidence to really weightlift x

    1. Rachael - I am SO glad to hear you are lifting!!!!!

  3. Me and you share love for Bret lol