Sunday, March 1, 2015

Zuzka's Latest JRC#7 Workout, the Latest From Lisa! Another Post by Me for BR, The 500 Rep workout continues

I LOVED Zuzka's JRC #7 workout. Those funky abs with the jump rope was a new one. However, it is not meant for people with long legs. LOL. My damn knees get into my nose trying to do that move. But I liked it! Here is the Workout Breakdown:
Par1 1:
1. High Knees – 30 sec fast pace
2. Basic bounce – 30 sec easy pace
4 rounds / 4 minutes
Bodyweight Exercise: Dive Bomber Push Ups x 10

Part 2:
1. Double Unders – 30 sec
2. Easy Jogging – 30 sec
4 rounds / 4 minutes
Bodyweight Exercise: Mermaid 10/10

Part 3:
1. Side to Side Jumps – 30 sec
2. Jump Jacks – 30 sec
2 rounds / 2 minutes
Bodyweight Exercise: Jump rope sit ups x 20

Part 4:
1. Side to Side Jumps – 30 sec
2. Jump Jacks – 30 sec
2 rounds / 2 minutes
Bodyweight Exercise: Jump rope sit ups x 20

Looks like Lisa wants to know what we want from her next challenge! And she posted that Freddy has lost 27 lbs so far. 
So many different responses to Lisa's question. People seems to really love her RTC and folks want more strength and to separate exercises depending on the day, rather than repeating them. (I'm all for that too!) 
I also notice that Freddy's pic has a Kettlebell. I wonder if BR will start using them? Yes please! :) 
Here is my latest post for BR:
Give it a read and let me know what you think. 
Lastly, I repeated my 600/500 rep workout again. I dropped it down to 400 reps as I only did 8 reps of each exercise with a heavier weight. I will repeat this again next week before I go back up to higher reps. 
I did deadlifts - 145 lbs 
Push ups - chest to floor each rep, NO pausing
Hip Thrusters - 145 lbs with 5 sec pause on each one
Inverted rows - I combined these with pull-ups today
Squat Into Overhead Press - 50 lbs again - NO pausing, again just cranking out the reps
Not too bad. I actually find it a little harder to go a bit lighter with more reps. There's a happy medium I think. Too light and too many reps doesn't work for me either. I liked the 10 rep range so far the best. The 12 reps was a little much. But I'm on a journey to get stronger, so as I work my way back up to the 12 reps I want to see if I can be stronger at each move. The only one I won't really tinker with is the Squat in OH Press as my shoulders are just a wreck! 
We should see some new stuff from Zuzka later tonight, but it is usually after I go to bed. As I look out my window we are getting more snow. I could cry. We are 6" away from the snowiest winter in history. GREAT. It is the 3rd coldest winter in history for us around here. Usually that means super oppressive heat in the summer. Hopefully one of these days I can the hell outside! :) 
Happy Sunday everyone. 

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  1. I did Deanna stretch yoga routine tonight and I feel so good now, it's a great routine, I will incorporate it regulary in my training