Saturday, March 28, 2015

Zuzka's Kettlebell Workout, How to Burn Some Extra Calories, More From Melissa Bender

Zuzka posted her latest Kettlebell Workout and I love it! Too short of course, but a good little routine in itself.
Here is the workout:

Workout Breakdown
1. One arm swing (x3) to Snatch x 5/5
2. One leg Goblet to One leg deadlift 10/10
3. Swing to Czech Swing x 20
4. Clean / Curtsy / One leg balance Press x 5/5
5. Pass under Jump Squat x 10
2 rounds. 
LOVE her outfit - especially those funky pants. 

There is a girl at my gym who has a body very similar to Zuzka, but she workouts for 2+ hours a day 6 days a week!

Here is another one of my blog posts for BR's FB page - about burning off some extra calories.
Happy Reading. :)

I also got my BR Plus update and it has another Melissa Bender Workout in it. This is her week 3 with BR. A GREAT workout. 3 rounds to make it longer would be awesome. Full body routine with great exercises in my opinion. She sure does sweat A LOT for 12 minutes. I am not one who sweats that much and I always wonder if they turn up the heat a bit to make the hosts sweat more than they normally would...... hmmmmm.....
But there are pushing exercises, pulling, abs, legs, shoulders, all in the routine and her form is dead on every time - I love it. Very inspiring to watch.

Saturdays are typically my day off. Back to my heavy lifting tomorrow and I can't wait!


  1. I love Melissa and Tatianna (Loving Fit) because their forms are spot on beautifully all the time. Though I have not try any of Melissa´s workouts yet.

    I workout 30-45 min about 5 times/week, it keeps me shape. My bodytype is quite similar than Zuzka´s, however, I´m not as crazy ripped as her, but I can still see my abs. =D I like to eat, and I don´t like to eat like a tiny bird, and sometimes I like to have a big, nice treat. I´m happy with this. I don´t have to look like a fitness competitor 365 days/year. =D

    Have a wonderful spring, Gina!