Thursday, February 12, 2015

Zuzka's 6:02 workout, Yoga Flow 2 with BR, The Return of the Weighted Vest!

Zuzka posted her FREE 6:02 workout - inspired by the Six:02 clothing store. I LOVED this workout and LOVED her outfit!
The combo of Kettlebell work and jump rope is always super intense - I like it when Z does these back to back. :)
What do you guys think of these short little workouts that she does? This one is FREE and great to use as a cash out. I do NOT think this is the only workout Zuzka will do today - I bet she practices pull-ups and handstands today too. I still think she works out a bit more than she is willing to admit.

Yoga Flow 2 from BR is posted online today. What do you guys think of this one? Too short, but good! I like Deanna's style and sequencing.

I also saw that Lisa posted that the weighted vest is coming back! Oh no! Not sure if that is good or bad. LOL.
But here is a link to one that is almost $20 cheaper than the one BR sells - and it is the SAME one:

Here are similar ones (Click HERE) for over $40 cheaper!

Do any of you use a vest?

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  1. Those 5 or now 6 minute workouts are real gems! I always make them 15-20 minutes long because they are way too short for me even as cash outs, plus they are so much fun. I wouldn't bother to change my clothes for a stand alone 5 minute workout, though.