Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nothing New is going on - yet, The Best and Worst Butt's of the Super Bowl Players!

Zuzka has a beat your personal best today, and Lisa asked on her FB page what workout we were doing today. Huh? Where's the new stuff? Lisa said week 14 was all new, but I guess it is not coming this week though. Freddy also mentioned that the bootcamp workouts would start this week, but it's only Tuesday, so lets see.
The yoga workouts I got from BR Plus I don't see anywhere else either.

I did post this though for dailyhiit.com. Give it a read. It is too funny. Give it a like for me! :)



  1. Maybe the power yoga workouts are solely exclusive to BR Plus, then. Which would suck a bit, because I was looking forward to them! But oh well. I'm not in need of them in particular and can find routines elsewhere.

    I was short for time and did this workout this morning: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/129689664245024418/

    I modified it a bit for some more oomph but otherwise it was a good routine. Hopefully I will have a little more time tomorrow morning. :) What routine did you do today?

    1. Thanks for the link - looks like a pretty good workout! There are tons of free yoga routines on YouTube. :)
      I taught my KB class today - all couplets. 45 on 15 off, 3 rounds of each couplet: swings/rows, burpees/triple threats, squats/russian twists, power cleans/plank pulls, alternating lunges/bench jump overs. :)