Monday, January 12, 2015

Melissa Bender and Chris Tye-Walker are coming to! Zuzka's Schedule for the week of January 12th, HIIT MAX Day 58.

So did you guys SEE?

Melissa Bender will be hosting in the spring on! This was on Freddy's FB page. According to his comments exciting things are on the way and she will host in the spring time. :) YAHOO. This will be HUGE! 
Way to go for both BR and for Melissa.

And Chris Tye-Walker is coming to BR as well. I'm not as familiar with him, but perhaps I should be. I will be sure to check out his fitness site. Kelsey commented here that his workouts are awesome. But looks like GREAT stuff is coming! Zuzka is going to have more competition for sure now. Sometimes I'm not sure how much she cares - I think she just likes doing her own thing. She's her own boss, making enough money to be set for life, so we'll see if she makes any upcoming changes. 

Zuzka's schedule is up for the week now. Today starts with Cardio shred #10. This is not one of my favorite workouts that she's done lately, but it's not bad. It will certainly get your heart rate up and she did bicep curls for once (with whopping 6 lb dumbbells - lol). Though I'm not a big fan of this lotus/figure 4 to squat that Lisa did last week and now she's doing this week. I'm not sure I understand the point of it really.
The rest of the week looks SUPER good. There's Bodycrush #8  tomorrow and I really like that workout. And she has a Zwow coming, a new jump rope workout, AND a new benchmark workout coming over the weekend. I'm very curious about the benchmark workout. Woo-hoo! 
I bet it will have pistol squats and Burpee's. Is this a coincidence that the benchmark workout comes out right after BRs Fit test? Hmmmm.....

Is anyone entering Zuzka's dietbet challenge? Last year at this time I believe is when she had that group of eight women who trained with her. She hasn't done anything like that again. She also had guest trainers last year and hasn't done that again. I wonder why she hasn't gone back to some of these things other than it didn't really improve ratings so she's not bothering. Guest hosts have worked much better on bodyrock than on her site. And they've got some pretty cool ones coming soon. Can't wait!

Day 58 of HIIT Max is here. The cardio today is a shuffle side step & squat and strength is a ball push up clean and press. I like both of these exercises. I like this routine a lot better than yesterdays. 
What I don't  like is how Lisa says if the cardio is too much for you do the strength move. HUH?! I think that gives a biased and incorrect view of strength. IF you use enough weight you should have to drop down to the cardio instead as the strength is too much for you - IMO. 
But I love the Elevated push-ups on the ball. The equalizer lift, knee, touch looks hard as hell! I like the chuck n tuck ab move too. I use that in my butts n gutts class sometimes. It's a fun one. 
The Equalizer is definitely a staple in BR workouts. I saw when Kelsey posted her scores for the Fit Test that she subbed in exercises as she does not have an Equalizer. I was surprised. Couldn't they have given her one as a gift for being a guest host?! :) 
I saw on thedailyhiit ( someone make one from pvc pipes and parts and it'll cost you under $30. I looked it up on and you can get it all there. I might have to seriously look into it! I've always wanted to go there and get some sand and make my own Sandbag too. 

My own blog post for thedailyhiit is due to be posted on BR's FB page this week, but you can read it now. :)


  1. Elevated push ups are probably one of my favorite ways to do push ups :) That´s awesome news with Melissa. I have been following her for many years and I think she deserves more publicity and followers, so this will surely help. She is one of the best "youtube trainers" in my opinion.

  2. I can't wait for the new and Improved Zwow 5!
    It's cool for the new BR trainers, I never trained with Mélissa Or Tyler

  3. Replies
    1. Do you mean Zuzka's? She has a Cardio Shred #10 and a BODY Crush #10.....