Sunday, January 11, 2015's HIIT Max Week 12, Zuzka's Power Yoga Workout #11

Being a BR Plus Member I got the week's worth of workouts. Usually it comes with a PDF file of a written break down of the workouts as well, but I didn't get that this week. I NEED that! I just got the videos and the burnouts.
Lisa does a really good job this week. There are some silly exercises and some damn good ones which I will go into more detail over the course of the week. The burnouts are pretty good too: one is all planks, one is legs and shoulders, the other is butt and abs.
Lisa has another pair of funky pants on and I really like that. It makes her seem more fun. I don't know if I was the only one who noticed, but the pants have a black gusset and during some of the exercises it looks almost perverse. Lol. I know it wasn't meant to be the way, but it made me look away a couple of times. Ha, ha.
It is a 40/10 week and Friday is another rep workout (not an 8x8), and not real time. It is as many rounds that you can do in 12 minutes of prescribed exercises with prescribed reps.
Lots of push-up again, but more pulling exercises this week to balance it out.
It is also a cardio or strength option workout week.
Lisa mentions that she always does the cardio because she likes the adrenaline rush from it. Hmmmm..... as our trainer I think she should do a combo of both and leave her bias out of it. She should mention which one is better for which goals. Do cardio if you are looking to build endurance, do strength if you are looking for muscles, or do both for a combination. I think she should do something along those lines, but that's me.
There are also a lot of combo moves this week, and on Monday does a chest press with elevated hips and a leg lift. This is fine and all, but doing a chest press and hip thrusters separately is more effective on the muscles. Lisa also does some 1 legged deadlift combo on Monday that you would have to be an acrobat to do - lol. A one legged deadlift and row in itself is enough - adding a shoulder press and a mini squat to it seems too much to me.
AND she does a one legged burpee dive bomber with a jump move. Kinda crazy to follow along. Divebombers are hard enough alone and so are one legged burpees. I don't feel like I would get enough out of the divebombers or the burpee this way. I'd like them as 2 different exercises.
There is a an option of jumping rope for cardio or a squat and step for strength (using the HIIT Bar and weights, but you could use a Kettlebell or Sandbag). I LOVE both of these and would probably just alternate from one to the next. :)

Lisa looks fantastic of course! She posts a lot about the workouts on her FB page and a lot of others doing her workouts. I wish she would also post more on what she eats. Freddy is always posting the junk food that he eats as well as Sean. I find it a little a funny and a bit ironic though.
Sure does look yummy though. How are you guys doing with the no sugar and more water challenge? I'm actually doing better with the no sugar than the more water believe it or not!

Zuzka has another Power yoga workout posted today.  I really should give these more credit. They are quite creative and have a good combo of strength and stretches. Great for an active rest day or combine a few of them for an hour yoga workout. She is wearing leg warmers in the video which kind of cracked me up. I've been wearing them ALL week under my clothes because it hasn't been above 25 degrees in days. I need more pairs.
I know she uses a Lorna Jane mat. I'm a fan of my Jade Yoga Mat - the BEST! The mat you use can really affect your practice, so make sure you get a good one. A cheap one that you slip on will only make your practice frustrating and annoying.

She also has another dietbet challenge:
I find this a little odd only because she never announced the winners from her last dietbet challenge - did she? I remember wondering about it because it ended at the same time that the new ZGym started so their was too much confusion over everything going on on her site - so perhaps it got lost in the shuffle?

Zuzka's workout schedule for the week is always posted when I go to bed, so I will get to it tomorrow.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. :)


  1. Freddy is getting chubby- he should workout more instead of posting his june food. The photo of him you post in this post, is an old one, he was slim those days

  2. Yes, that one-leg deadlift thing was really crary :)) And those pants...I would like them more if they were just colourful, without the black part... But all in all, it was a nice workout. Zuzka´s Dietbet challenge seems a bit off, I also find it interesting that she always announces her challenge after Melissa Bender´s announced hers as well :)

    1. Does dietbet make these challenges come out on a certain date each month? Otherwise it is a little odd that Zuzka does hers the same time as Melissa Bender.

    2. I just looked up Melissa website I thought I typed lol!

    3. I think that the date depends just on the person, who starts the challenge. You can start the challenge on any date you wish...Melissa started her challenge as a kind of a New Year fitness start. And Zuzka, well, maybe she just thought it might be a good idea :)

  3. Thanks for the yoga mat suggestion! I'm going to try some yoga this evening (after not having done it in a while) and a couple days this week, since I'm doing a semi-cleanse and don't want to overexert myself. Definitely will try combining Zuzka's power yoga routines for a longer workout. :)

    1. The Jade mats ROCK. They are a little stinky at first (but then again a lot of yoga mats are) but it goes away. I am so picky about my mats!

    2. I'm picky about my footwear, activewear, weights, too! Gotta know what you like :) Never really thought about yoga mats, but I don't practice nearly as much as I'd like so I totally get it. :) Thanks again for the suggestion -- looking to do so more in the very near future. Power yoga is my absolute favorite.