Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zuzka's Pre-Christmas Workouts, My post about BR Lean is on FB, My vacation workouts

Zuzka posted her schedule this week with a day off for Christmas! I liked Cardio Shred #8 but the lateral raises with bi curls mixed into the leg work I don't like. I can go heavier on the step ups, and need different weights for lateral raises vs. bi curls. But the workout in itself I liked I would just separate out the various exercises. I like bodycrush #8 too.Kettlebell for beginners comes out tomorrow and I always like these because they are not only good for beginners, but perfect to make harder as well. Same goes for Gun & Pistols. Good week so far!

I tried to keep pace with Zuzka in ZWOW#1 which was part of my workout today. I did competition burpees instead of regular as it is better on my shoulders. I also noticed that I had the hardest time doing the squats into leg lifts as fast as her. Damn her legs are short! LOL. If I did them as fast as her I wouldn't squat as low as I could. I've got farther to go than her and farther to lift my leg up! :) But one of her better workouts in my opinion.
I've been doing some workouts on my own this week. I did Zuzka's ZWOW#1 and mixed it with this workout below (20 reps each exercise!) and I almost died LOL.
Dumbbell Goblet squat 
Dumbbell high pull 
Dumbbell overhead press 
Dumbbell bent over row 
Mountain climbers 
Dumbbell jump squat 
Dumbbell single leg deadlift
Dumbbell Renegade Row 
Dumbbell Alternating Lunges 
Dumbbell biceps curl 
Dumbbell  swings

What are you guys are doing this week and next for workouts?

BR is taking a break til Jan 1st as we know. My post about modifications for BR Lean came out this morning on their FB page:

I did a booty workout today (single leg elevated hip thrusters, band walks, side plank leg lifts). Tomorrow is yoga. Thursday is off! But it sure is hard not to pig  out on everything in site when my family has more food and goodies than a bakery! ARGH. 

Zuzka did a post on self control which is rather ironic because she clearly has enough for 10 people. Ha, ha, ha. I was reading a bit on this and some people simply have more than others just like some people have blue eyes and others have brown, some people are short, etc. Self control is just like another genetic trait. I find that SO interesting! I'll have to do more research on it and see what I can find.

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