Friday, December 19, 2014

Zuzka's Cardio Shred #7, Sean Light's Program, Lisa's Signed Photos? BR Plus Member Holiday Challenge

Zuzka posted her Cardio Shred #7 Lifted Butt Series. Overall a good workout and overall I have been happy with the ZGym this month. Have you guys?
There was no press or back exercise in this routine - all legs! I think 3 rounds plus a couple of upper body exercises thrown in there is doable - IMO. But then again Zuzka likes her short workouts. I like them a little longer.
Z uses her Kettlebell throughout the workout. Though she gives alternatives for beginners, I did not think this is really one that beginners should do. The one arm swing is only for those who are able to first do a 2 handed swing. The single leg deadlift is a hard exercise to do with proper form, and if you are newer, you aren't going to know what that is. She recommends for beginners to hold onto a wall for balance. Actually - even't if you aren't new to exercise try it this way. It helps you balance so you can use heavier weight and realllllllly feel it in your hamstrings and glutes.
Lastly, her bent knee to the ground into knee ups - awesome exercise, but if you are new you might not have the strength to go to the floor. If you have knee or ankle trouble or flexibility issues then this might not work for you. I think this is more of an advanced routine for those you know what they are doing. There are no cleans or snatches in here, but I still think it is more advanced due to the nature of the exercises - hopefully that makes sense.
What did you guys think of the lean forward lunge with the pass through? Normally I would say this is bad form, but I understand what she is trying to do here. I sometimes do the forward lean lunge in yoga where we hold it and breathe, but I haven't done it with a Kettlebell.
Zuzka challenges us to use a heavier weight and I like that she does that. I feel women she be encouraged to lift heavy things. We are not weak little creatures that need pink and purple light dumbbells! She says if the workouts are not challenging enough - up the weight. I agree.

So have you guys had a chance to look at Sean's Sculpt training program from BR? I mentioned their grammatical errors yesterday on the ad, and I see it is fixed today. :) I'm curious to see where this goes and how much success they will have with it. I hope they add a bio of Sean to this ad - I would like to know his fitness and nutrition background - even if it is that he is only a connoisseur - I 'm sure that would still be OK with a lot of people. But I bet he has some educational background and I'm interested as to what it is. I think this Sculpt is a good idea for BR. They keep coming up with new ideas.

I also saw that BR is selling signed pics of Lisa. Does anyone else think this is just silly? I love Lisa and all, but I think this is a little weird. I like the way Sean looks with his shirt off, but I don't want a signed picture of him either! LOL.

Lastly, I see that BR is offering their Plus Members a challenge over the Christmas break. This was posted on Freddy's FB page:
We've got a challenge going into the PLUS for the week between Christmas and NewYears for you BodyRockers who want to get a jump on New Years! 
Someone responded that they remember this challenge from last year. I do not. I was assuming it was new content, but probably not since everyone wants the holidays off!
I'm curious to see what it is though.

I'm leaving on Sunday myself for Christmas break. Tomorrow I'll squeeze in one more heavy weights/yoga workout, and then I'll HIIT it for the week I'm away. I'm bringing my resistance bands and my pull up rings - that's it. I actually really enjoy body weight workouts as well, so I think it will be fun. I'll be trying to burn off all the Italian food my family makes!


  1. Have fun on your break! Let loose a little :)

  2. I think the signed photos are a little silly. I think some people will buy them but I dunno... to be like "I'm a Bodyrocker for life, just like the rest of you" one minute then to try and sell autographed photos? Maybe they're trying an angle that has been successful on another site. Can't say that I blame them; that's trial and error. But this seems like a presumptuous error in my opinion, lol. Way too silly and indulgent for my liking.

    As far as the workout and nutrition program provided by Sean -- I wouldn't buy it, honestly, unless, unless, unless there had been some demonstration of progress on the site already. Bodyrock is a proven great resource and guide, but (just my opinion) not a be all and end all to fitness and nutrition. I applaud them for getting it out there, because they have a huge following and this might be something great for a lot of people, considering the global community. If it were me, however, I'd rather go to someone local who can actually see me and discuss things with face to face. Clientele on a global range may end up being overwhelming down the line. I don't know, who's to say? I just have a feeling it wouldn't be for me, at all.

    1. Lindsey - Time will tell! I am curious to see where Sean's program goes.