Thursday, December 18, 2014

Did you see that SEAN Light is offering online training for $125/month? Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout #22, BR Lean Day #10

Sooooo.... did you guys see the latest from BR about Sean? He has been MIA, but is back as their online personal trainer. The program is called Sculpt and is $125 a month - a sale right now before it goes up to $150 a month. (Their BR Plus just went up to $9.99 a month - up two times since they first introduced it).  :(

WHAT do you guys think of this?!?!?! I was just mentioning that I wished BR would do a strength program, and viola! Here it is. I wasn't thinking that it would be this personal and this much money - I was hoping for a HIIT Max style that was strength based - as another BR Strength program for $9.99 a month kind of thing, but from the sounds of it, this is much more comprehensive:

Train with Sean as he will give you a customized weight workout split along with HIIT routines!  Once you have signed up for the program you will receive an email within 24 hours to start to talk to Sean directly about your customized program!  This program will push you to the next level!  Beginners welcome!! Limited space!  Sign up today train with Sean anywhere in the world! 125/month!
- Customizable training program 4 week program each month (with warm up and hiit workouts)
- Healthy eating options meal planning towards your lifestyle
- BodyRock Nutrition E-Guides
- Initial assesment 
- Bi-weekly assesments
- Unlimited email communication
- Video and motivational support
- Suplimentation advice and guidance

OK, first of all, not to be so picky, but spell check! Assessments and supplementation is spelled incorrectly. It just makes me take it less seriously, but that's me. Secondly, is Sean a certified trainer or nutritionist? I would want to know before shelling out the money. If he is, and you can afford it, I bet this would be great. It has to be as their reputation would depend on its success. The unlimited email communication is a great bonus here. Video support too? Very cool! But how is he going to manage this on different time zones? I think more info is needed and I bet if you contacted them for it, they'd be happy to give you more details. If anyone does this do tell! :)

Zuzka posted her newest 5 minute workout. I was actually going to do this today as a cash out to my own workout, but I did BR Lean day 9 instead. Zuzka typically does body weight in her 5 minute workouts, but she used her jump rope and dumbbells today.
Now I know why Kelsey's sandbag was so light. It was tough on the shoulders. I went heavy on the clean and presses and then did bicep curls instead of doing more presses. I had already done push presses as part of my workout so they were toast!
I used Kettlebells as I don't have a sandbag and it worked great.
Did you guys like the 5 min workout? I liked the Plyo push up burpee. I'm actually looking forward to taking a break from my heavy lifting next week and just doing HIIT. Then I'll be psyched to get back to my weights. :)

BR Lean Day #10: Our last day with Kelsey! I will miss her. She gave a cute little goodbye talk prior to the workout that was so sweet.
The workout was great! One of my favorites. A full body weighted workout. I liked how she doubled up on each body part. This one is easier to go heavier and take more breaks making it a longer workout. I would definitely love that. Kelsey mostly used the HIIT Bar and weights for this one.
Working all upper body, even a pulling motion! lower body and abs. I know they wanted to keep this 12 minutes, but another ab move plus a booty move added on would have been really good here too.
I hope they bring Kelsey back. I liked her style.

BR also posted about Edith asking the same thing as they did of Lisa- what one question would you as her? I'd ask when is she coming back to BR? Or what she eats on a typical day. 

BR did a post on a workout for those with knee injuries - very cool - called "the injured bodyrocker." It's with the guy 'host' (KR) and I thought he did a good job. His deadlift form was a bit off in one of the pics, but even Bret the glute man himself says your back may round when pulling heavy weight. However this weight was under 60 lbs. Add 200lbs or more and I bet this guy could pull it. :)

Last, but not least, I'm on BR's FB page again with my next post on HIIT Max week 6:

I'll be doing the same kind of thing for BR Lean so if you guys want any tips on there be sure to let me know. I'll include answers to your questions in my post if I can!

If any of you are re-doing these workouts and want more of a muscle challenge, then check out my posts about how to make them harder or more strength oriented. :)


  1. Kelsey has her own workout challenge on her youtube page as well as many other workouts, so you can still workout with herl I like her style and I´ve been doing her workouts since she started posting them on youtube. Her Bodyrock Lean workouts were pretty good, I enjoyed them. Also her form may not be perfect all the time, but SO much better than Lisa´s. I did two Lisa´s workouts from the old Real time challenge last week and her form is terrible on almost every other exercise.

    1. Thanks, Lena -- I'll check it out! I really liked her style.
      I love Lisa but I agree about her form. That is super important, even more so than energy and aesthetic, although I'm sure a lot of people realize that.

  2. Lena what is kelseys youtube channel name?

    1. I forgot she has her own own channel. Tx for the reminder!