Monday, December 29, 2014

The Latest Workout Schedule From Zuzka, Zuzka's Bullet Proof Coffee, Next Season of HIIT Max

It looks like a great week from Zuzka. I really liked her Cardio Shred #9. Lots of Kettlebell work and jump rope. :) If the Weighted Santana Push-up was a Renegade Row into a Santana Push-up you'd have a pull/back exercise in there too.
I'm looking forward to her new ZWOW#4, her Advanced Kettlebell Routine and Guns & Pistols.

I wanted to ask Zuzka about the back/pull exercises and the fact that she includes them so infrequently can lead to imbalances and rotator problems. I posted that question to her on her FB page - no reply yet: Zuzka Light - I have a question for you. Your workouts are often quite good, well rounded, full body routines, except for back exercises. You include them very infrequently. With all the push exercises you do, can't this lead to imbalances and rotator issues? Coming from someone who has had shoulder problems, I need more push/pull balance. I'm not trying to pick on you, I just am curious.  Hopefully later today I will see a response.

She has also been promoting this Bullet Proof Coffee thing a lot.
It is coffee that includes 1 tbsp grass fed butter and 1 tbsp coconut or MCT oil. I found 2 articles on it that I think you should read before deciding whether or not it is for you. I am not a coffee drinker. I also workout in the morning and I thought you are not supposed to have a lot of fat before or after workouts due to digestion issues and wanting to use carbs for fuel. I am also a high carber, and high fat diets don't work for me. I know they work for Zuzka and can work for a lot of the population depending on your body type. Being that I am almost ALL ectomorph, high carbs suit me far better. Zuzka never mentions that certain diets only work for certain people. She acts like her advice is the end all be all sometimes.

I actually do not think that higher fat diets are a bad thing dependent on the quality of the fat and the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fats, but that's a topic for another day.

BR hasn't had anything new lately, but lots of ads for sales on equipment and some random workouts here and there. But Lisa will be with us on Thursday the 1st! I look forward to it. I will have a NY's EVE workout for you guys. :)  Does the next HIIT Max start on the 1st or is it just one workout with Lisa and the rest comes later? I couldn't find any info on it. I swore I saw an ad for it, and now I can't find it.

If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, be sure to treat yourself to my eBook. It is only 99 cents! :)

Here is a great pic from my vacation of my 2 kids and my niece on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. If only I could stop time. :) (My niece is on the left, and then my 2 kiddos: in the middle and on the right).


  1. Beautiful pic. I was so seeing the same thing about when hiit max 3 starts. I hope the plus members get to see it earlier

  2. Awwww I so want time to slow my daughters growing up too fast! Ur girls are bonnie xx

  3. I saw that hiit max 3 starts on January the 1st, it was posted on the BR Facebook wall last week, I think. Your kids are so cute, lovely family!