Sunday, November 2, 2014

ZGym DRAMA! And Day 31 from BR

I heard from someone who worked with Zuzka and WIN and s/he had a lot to say about the whole scenario of Zuzka parting ways with WIN.
If you want to see their (Fitness Truther) comment, check out my post: and take a peak in the comments section. I was a bit taken aback. I had assumed that Zuzka just didn't like her contract anymore so walked away. Looks like there might be a lot more to the story. I have no idea of course who is telling the truth, but there are always two sides to every story.

There is going to be a lot of he said, she said kind of stuff, and no one is going to come out with proof and start telling the truth, so we can only speculate. I saw one post on another FB page that said - I don't care who or what. I want to work out period. LOL. Very good point, and I get that, but what I'm trying to figure out is where I want my money to go. I don't know who to trust anymore! But I would like to hear from Fitness Truther again.

I gave a legitimate interview with Freddy and former BR hosts, and it was then turned into being negative and looking for scandal when neither was my intention. I then did not want to support BR anymore or sign up for BR Plus and hand over my credit card info to a place I did not feel comfortable with. (again I want to make the point here that others do NOT need to feel that way - I am not trying to persuade action or disaction here).

Now I feel uncomfortable supporting Zuzka because of her lack of professionalism with the new ZGym. So far it seems like the new web-site has been VERY cooperative about giving refunds and cancelling memberships. Zuzka FINALLY did a post on how to contact them and get a refund if needed.

As far as I know, they have moved the subscription club to and you can access the account you signed up for at this link: Login at

What you will find there is my old content. 

Someone posted on Facebook that they got a hold of SweatFactor Via Email at

Keep in mind, I have nothing to do with SweatFactor or any Choices they make.. As of November 1st my official website and subscription club is held at

For the first week of November, you don't need to login to access my new content at

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.



This should have been done from DAY 1. Zuzka has an obligation to her customers to inform them of changes - especially where money is involved. 
She stated that she is only doing month to month and no 3 mos or 6 mos memberships. Seriously who would trust the longer memberships anyways? There are folks out there wondering what happens to the 6 weeks left on their memberships. I do not have an answer to that, but again, it looks like is being cooperative. 

I do NOT understand why Zuzka did not come out a week ago and say - WIN and I are parting ways. Here is their contact info if you want to cancel. If you want to stay with them here is what they have to offer, I will be offering a new ZGym free of charge and then charge $10 a month there after. Please support us in this transition. I understand there will be questions and we will both do our best to get you squared away. 
WIN should ALSO have done a post right on before the change of what to expect as well. 

There is talk that Zuzka got screwed and talk that she screwed them over. They have both screwed themselves out of numerous customers with their lack of communication IMO. Does Zuzka not understand what kind of impact this can have on her following? Or does she think that the majority of the her followers will pay anyways regardless of the drama because of who she is and what she does? Is she cocky? Not that bright? Callous? Or just wants to ignore it all? This could have been handled in a much more professional manner that would have inspired many more people to join her ZGym. 

There have been questions about why Zuzka needs to charge now that she no longer has to pay WIN. There were questions as to why BR had to charge for Plus. I get it. They need to make a living. But with their adveritsing and affiliate links you would think they wouldn't need to. I can tell you from being a blogger, that a lot of people have ad blockers so they don't see the ads on their pages or on their youtube videos anymore. Pay per click advertising has plummeted at an alarming rate the past couple of years. Hence all the guides, affiliates and monthly gym charges. (I really need to get on the band wagon here don't I? LOL. I actually have a guide that I wrote somewhere too, but I digress)! 

I don't mind the charge - not from BR, not from Zuzka. I DO however dislike the unprofessionalism. 

Zuzka did post free workouts all weekend - power yoga, a 5 minute workout and her schedule for the week is up. I think people are so excited that they are ignoring the unjustice in some of this. I hope none of the followers get screwed on their memberships - that's my main concern. If Zuzka got screwed or if WIN got screwed, I don't like it either. But business is harsh and it's a doggie dog world out there sometimes. I want to support an organization that supports its customers!!! Not one that takes advantage of them, ignores them or twists what we say. 

I actually WANT to support Zuzka. but truly bothered by the lack of communication. I'm rooting for her that this is all a misunderstanding. 

Geez! The drama! I had a very smart friend say to me - money makes people crazy and makes them do things they normally wouldn't. How true. 

On a completely different note, BR's Day 31 is posted. This is week 7. Next week is 8, and it is supposed to be a strength week I believe. That I am REALLY looking forward to. This workout was more God forsaken push ups, and jumping around. :) I actually really want to practice the 1 arm press up/push ups, but this variation bothers my low back. I have a short torso, so you wouldn't think it would compress my spine so much, but it does. I'll have to try it again and see. 
LISA made a comment on her FB page that she knows the cardio in this workout is horrendous. Not my taste for sure, but some of you out there will like it. I'd pick the strength option of course. 
I think Lisa is strong enough to use heavier weights too. Is it just the speed of the workout that keeps the weights light? Doesn't that defeat the purpose if you workout like that constantly? I mean she looks fantastic, but I don't think she does workout like this all the time. I think she works on strength quite often when not on camera. 

I've got some strength tips that I will post later in the week. Most of us will actually look our best when we are our strongest. Something to consider. 


  1. If there's one thing that Freddy and Zuzana are good at, it's creating (and fueling) drama, whether or not it's their individual intent. I think Zuzana is more in the red right now. Honestly, I wouldn't pay for any of their workouts as their library is so vast and the internet is full of resources where they aren't the only ones out there to supply knowledge. That said, I really really enjoy the Hiitmax series on Bodyrock, the first and the second so far. The other challenges aside from the original Real-Time Challenge have only been okay, but the structure of these are so top-notch. So much so that I wager that these types of programs will be available for a fee in 2015. We'll see - and maybe at that time I will consider purchasing it. But who knows, I may have designs to create and market my own ;)

    Day 31 of the Hiitmax challenge was good, but yeah, I'm done with push ups. Since my upper body is actually really defined and built for my tastes, I've been incorporation lower body exercises with upper body whenever a push up exercise has been "assigned". For example, squats/lunges and any of their variations with a press; deadlifts with a row (upper, bentover, or otherwise); and/or a chest press or fly on an exercise ball with my glutes engaged in a bridge.

    Did you do the one-armed push ups or did you come up with a variation that didn't hurt your back? I'd be interested in any alternative you came or would come up with. As for me, I did bent over rows with deadlifts (straight leg or bent knee).

    1. I think Zuzka is a bit more in the red now too. I typically like Zuzka's workouts better because I love KB's and jump rope, but with that being said, the HIIT Maxx has been extremely well done. LOL Lindsey about the push ups. I would love some upper body muscles, but I am starting to come to the conclusion that I will be a toned girl, just not a muscular one. I did one arm push ups on my knees instead and found that easier on my back, just as hard on the arms, harder on the abs, but less on the glutes. Zuzka just posted a free leg workout and its a good one, but wearing a weighted vest or adding in weights would be ideal to build a booty in my opinion. I did an example in a video: starting at 53 seconds.

    2. Sorry - it's a sample of the one arm push up on my knees.

  2. Zuzana just posted a video. In it, she talks about customer service and how Best Buy offers good service, unlike what she is used to in her home country. Ironic that she talks about the need for good customer service....

    1. I am at a loss for words Lexxie. I just don't get it. She thanked us for standing by her but not ONE apology. she owes us at least that much. sorry for the inconvenience the chaos something!!!!

    2. It seems like her fans are super supportive, which she should be grateful for. An apology, sooner than later, would be the best move and garner more appreciation - for her and her product. That said, I think I'm going to try ZGYM for a month with its $1 promotion.... then again, I don't know if they've got all their kinks sorted out so I'll probably just wait. See, that's the bad thing about this mess! I don't trust for things to go smoothly. THAT is a bad impression at work.

      I read somewhere recently about how building one's brand involves making someone feel like they own part of it... Bothy Zuzana and Bodyrock have been so good with that that despite any hiccups, any die hard followers (or at least a strong percentage of them) will stick with them. I've followed BR more than Zuzana but am looking at more of her workouts, and find that I like her style overall. I really do like BR's recent programs, as mentioned before. But I've had no plans to pay for any of them as of yet! Maybe I'm a cheapskate, maybe I like to do my own research/modifications/advancement, but I dunno -- I'm not that diehard just yet and I think my clicks and views are monetary support enough at this point, thanks to advertising, etc.

      Or I really could just be a horrible fan of their work, lol.

  3. I have heard back from sweat factor and they said they are unable to issue me a refund because they can only issue refunds within 120 days of the transaction. Given I paid for six months and I signed up June 10, 2014, my membership was paid until Dec 9, 2014; thus, I now don't get a refund for Nov 1 to Dec 9. It's only about $10 bucks, but it's so frustrating. Zuzana should be offering me (and others) who can't get the money back due to the120 days a credit at her new Zgym. Sweat factor told me to contact my credit card company. This is total garbage that I have to work this hard to get only 10 bucks back! People can say what they want but I have never once complained about paying her for Zgym so I feel it's not unreasonable for me to be upset over how things have gone.

    I WANT TO SIGN UP for the new Zgym! I am actually so frustrated over this because I feel like morally I can't sign up for the new one due to how she has handled this situation...yet I love her workouts and think $10 is reasonable to pay. I wish she would just manage this situation so I could continue on with her in good faith.

    1. You should mention this to her on her Facebook page. She may not respond to it but it's important that it be seen. She said that it's not up to her what sweatfactor does, but she announced the launch of her new site on short notice, she didn't get back to people in time -- that was up to her.

      Even if she doesn't respond, other people need to know this! I'm sorry that happened to you.

    2. Lexxie - this is what I would do, contact sweat factor again and see if you can get a free month for your inconvenience. If not, then contact your credit card. At least you'll get something for your $10.
      I would also post this on Zuzka's FB page. flat out ask her what she CAN do. She can't control sweat factor, but now since she is her own boss what CAN she do to help you? Put the question out there for others to see. Even if you do not get a response it will be there for others to see.
      I will also do a post on this tonight so others can read about it too.

  4. The SweatFactor/Old Zuzkalight-page is screwed up! All the links are shattered all over the place, and when I finally found the ZGYM-link and signed in to go to "my settings" there was nothing there! I can't cancel my membership -for SIX MONTHS! I regret changing from monthly to every six months membership...

    1. I actually have a different problem. I want to join Sweatfactor in order to get the workouts I have missed since June. I was planning to rejoin the ZGym soon, but now all the mess. And while I'm glad I didn't pay for six month in advance, I want the Guns and Pistols, Tabata and the Kettlebell series badly.
      I'm member on the Videofitness forums and the member kat_b was able to renew the subscription.
      When I went to the Sweatfactor ZGym, I didn't find the option to renew, bummer!

    2. Post a question on their FB page and they should be able to help you! Keep us posted.

    3. I went to their FB page and was about to post my question. But what I read there was pretty disappointing! It looks like you only get some Zuzka's workouts as a part of the weekly schedule. I'm not willing to pay for workouts I may already have.
      Gina, would you please ask your blog followers, whose ZGym membership was transferred to Sweat Factor, what Zuzka workouts they currently have access to? Thank you!

    4. Elliotreed - Sweat Factor and are now separate. SW offers workouts every day from various trainers including Zuzka. They include all of her older ZGym work that NO ONE has access to anymore - but did at one time before this whole chaos started. But the older Zuzka videos are property of SW not Zuzka. If you join HER site NOW ( you will get 3 new workouts a week - all new ones by her. I think some people will do both so they can continue to get access to some of their older favorite workouts by Z, and others have cancelled from SW and will just join for her new stuff. They are each $10 a month.

    5. I know, Gina. I have downloaded all of the previously free ZWOWs and I have written down all ZGym workouts I had access to in the first year of my subscription. That's why I said I own them.
      I thought if I join Sweat Factor, I can see all of the Zuzka workouts as it was the case with the old ZGym. But they apparently only add a couple of workouts (previously free ZWOWs or ones from the old ZGym, you never know) weekly as a part of their schedule, so it can take years of membership to get all the series I'm interested in (Guns and Pistols, Kettlebell and Tabata from the old ZGym). I didn't mean the new Zuzka ZGym, I plan on joining anyway.
      I hope that makes sense as I'm not a native English speaker.

    6. Yes - it makes sense! Try this page:
      Not sure if it will have what you are looking for. LMK!

  5. I've been contemplating signing up, but I just can't give my money and credit card info to this mess. Thanks for covering it so well!

    1. Sure thing Laura! I am hoping it gets cleared up.