Monday, November 3, 2014

Some people are getting screwed by ZGym, and reviews of the latest workouts

The confusion ensues! Sweat factor is in fact refunding people for ZGym BUT as long as their transaction was made within 120 days. Prior to that, you need to contact your credit card company. How annoying! 

I've seen many comments on various FB pages and blogs (and lots of comments on this blog) about people not being able to cancel, not getting fully refunded, not being able to access their account and not being able to see the old Zgym videos. NOT GOOD. I know a lot of this is not under Zuzka's control, however....

Keep at it folks. Contact your credit card companies if need be. Contact sweat factor and ask for a free month for your inconvenience. People have been posting on sweat factor's FB page with questions and they are getting responses. Post on Zuzka's FB page and ask her HOW she can help. Keep at it. Never Give up - right? :) I do WANT to join the new ZGym and want to feel comfortable about it. 

I want to know what Zuzka is going to do for customers who are losing out. Now I know that Zuzka cannot control what sweat factor does, but she CAN control what she does. She is the boss now. She just did a vlog and talked about a new camera - and stated what good customer service Best Buy has and how important it is. Say WHAT? She needs better customer service. I'm all for defending Zuzka and I know people are going to get pissed at me here, but the customer is ALWAYS right. She needs to make people feel right about this transition. As a business owner it is now part of her job to make her customers feel like they are getting what they paid for. Doesn't matter if it isn't her fault. It doesn't matter who screwed over who. All that matters is the customer - this should be her number one priority. I DID in fact post something on her FB page asking her what she CAN do, so lets stay tuned. I am hoping I get a response. I encourage you to respond to my request so she feels more obligated to answer. It is under her vlog post.

There also has been a couple of interesting posts by Zuzka on FB:

  • Valerie Charest The free one aren't available anymore? That's not cool
  • Zuzka Light Trust me, I am not happy about that either. I hope you know that I didn't do that on purpose. I had to take them down because I don't have the rights to use them anymore.

WHY was this not mentioned from DAY 1?!  It should have been. I am really starting to think that Zuzka owes us an apology for not being as forth coming and explanatory as she should have been. 

Secondly, I saw this - someone asked Zuzka why she is using the last name Light and not her maiden name of Majorova. 
She responded: Because my followers from BodyRock new me by this name, and when he cut me off I had no way to let people know where I am, so I decided to keep the name to make it easier for people to find me online. Also I was already living here and couldn't make a trip back to Czech republic to change my name back. It's a lot of paperwork and now even my green card is on this name too, so why should I go through the hassle and who cares. My name doesn't determine who I am and who I truly love. That said, I think my maiden name is rad and I'd love to have it back :) lol

This week ZGYM is FREE so take advantage of it! :)
REVIEWS of the workouts:

Zuzka posted a booty workout and it was pretty good. I would do 1-2 rounds as is -  as cash out, or I would add a weighted vest and/or weights to the exercises to make it more of a strength workout. The pendulums - only 5 each side seemed a little silly. I like slower pendulums with 10+ reps each side. I feel them more in my glutes that way. The hopping pendulums work my heart rate more, but try them this way:  with your hands on a step (so you're a little higher up) don't hop, but lift your leg up as high as you can without leaning. Do 10 -15 reps each side - its more of a bum burn. I also would do the bridging and the leg lift abs as 2 separate exercises. 

BR posted Day 32. I have grown fonder of Lisa lately, but this is my least favorite workout in a while. I like the sandbag  clean and press. I love the supergirl push ups - even though YES, it's another freaking push up. AND finally - a pulling exercise! But the log jumps? the scissor jumps??! the reverse lunges with the funky arm work?! Yuk. Didn't like it. Sorry.

Now I know that new exercises can be enticing and exciting, and I see people fall victim to that all the time. BR and Zuzka both do it, but  BR to a far larger degree. You don't need to keep coming up with new and fancy exercises. Different variations, different reps, loads, times - yes. You need variety. But getting good at and stronger at some of the basic lifts is essential for many of us to make progress. Push ups we all know have a zillion variations. Lisa did a great variation of a push ups and a pull up tonight. But I don't like lunge and arm work together. Your legs can usually handle more weight than your arms, so it makes it more of a cardio arm move than anything. Reverse lunges, walking lunges, static lunges, front loaded lunges, overhead lunges - you get my drift. Same with squats - front, back, one legged, pause squats and the like. Variations of deadlifts, shoulder presses, rowing are all great. We don't need knee to nose to armpit to jumping to belly on the floor to scissor kick stuff - IMO. :) 

OK, hopefully the saga is over and we can get back to the workouts! 


  1. The new Zuzka's workout looks like fun, there are some fresh, new moves. I don't like that many exercises packed in one workout, though. Overkill!.

    1. LOL! She doesn't always do lots of moves - I find that BR does that kind of thing more often. I like more repetition myself otherwise I don't feel like it works the same muscle group enough.

  2. I agree with you Gina. I like repetition on the same muscles. When I do lisas workouts I usually skip the cardio and just repeat the same exercise

  3. Day 32 of the current BR challenge wasn't my favorite, either -- actually, week 7 so far is my least favorite, but I'm making it work. I really didn't like those pull ups at the end of today's workout - I felt it caused a little strain on my wrists, but maybe that's because I'm just not used to it. I did straight pull ups or rows after trying it a bit. I did do the scissor jumps, too, but also alternated with exploding star jumps so I could get into the squat a bit better.

    I really need to take a look at more of Zuzana's workouts - I've been following BR for so long that it's become a hard-to-break habit, lol.

  4. Hi Gina, I typed a message and its all gone now. Oh Well, i'll try again.
    I love your blog, i check everyday. Especially with all the drama now going on..
    I have to say, i'm excited for the changes, i think we can expect lots more video's from zuzka.

    Btw have you ever heard the interview jiilian did with zuzana on her podcast a few moths ago? Quit interesting. Heres the link, its starts in the middle.

    1. Thank you - glad you like the blog! And thank you for this interview! I had not heard it. It makes me like Zuzka all that much more. I sure hope her customer service skills improve though. :)