Monday, November 10, 2014

More Confusion and Chaos from the ZGym, BR Day 37 - LEGS!!!

OK seriously Zuzka? You've been in the industry long enough to know better.
She has been having server problems because of the number of sign ups. She wasn't prepared for this? Or is it a ploy to seem so popular and overwhelmed that your server crashes? I seriously wonder sometimes, and yes I know that is awfully presumptuous.
This also speaks loud and clear to me that people DO NOT CARE about Zuzka's lack of customer service and glitches as long as they get their workouts.
Zuzka TOOK away ALL the FREE workouts from last week and made them part of the paid ZGym only. YUK. Going forward I get it - keep new workouts for paying customers. But to take away what was once free? Is she seriously that cheap?!
And I totally understand WHY both Zuzka and BR need to charge for things. Pay per clicks from Ad Sense on web-sites, blogs and on YouTube have plummeted in recent years. And as blog writer - I KNOW. Ad sense doesn't work anymore. A lot of blog schools even leave it out of their programming now. (So go ahead click away on my site to help me out - LOL). I'm not mad about the monthly charges. They are reasonable. But I feel like this was a big snow ball in the face from Zuzka. I am a member of her ZGym to write this blog, but honestly, I'm not sure I would be otherwise at this point. I sure hope this all changes for the better. I think Zuzka is going to try and sweep it all under the rug and hope that people just forget over time. That's my impression. I do not want to assume that she is just that cocky or uncaring.
Now for all you Zuzka die hards and lovers out there - I am not trying to piss you off. I am just saying how she is coming across to me. I could be WAY off base, And as I mentioned in one of my comments, perception is reality in people's minds!

Something else that caused a lot of confusion was in the listing of workouts for the week, there are 2 Guns & Pistol series workouts. People were upset - why would she use workouts that are part of Sweat Factor when a lot of people cancelled that membership and joined ZGym instead! No worries folks - Zuzka HAS access to those workouts and she is either reposting them or refilming them, I couldn't tell which from her replies on FB. I actually just assumed she was refilming them from the get go - I wasn't confused, but I can see why others would be. Zuzka needs better explanations and follow ups.

Zuzka posted a new workout today for ZGym members that was all bodyweight. No pulling or back exercises, but it would still be a great cash out to a regular workout. If I was going to do this as my workout for the day, I would go for 30 min and add a back exercise, :)

Now I know I can be harsh (but then again I can be gracious too  :)  ). I  know I was very hard on Lisa when she was going through all that plastic surgery. I just felt like she cheated in a way when she keeps telling us to improve our bodies with fitness and diet and she then went under the knife. It seemed to me for a while (again my perception) that Lisa had a body image problem and I had a hard time taking such advice from someone who wasn't taking her own advice. She seems much different now.
I have picked on her workouts when I felt they were inappropriate or when I felt her form was off.
But you know what? I LIKE Lisa. She comes across  honest, friendly, timely, caring and answers over 90% of her comments on her FB page. She asks for what we want. She pushes us hard. I know her style can be a bit aggressive for some, but for many others she is just what they need. I often like Zuzka's workouts - she is more my style (I personally like jumping rope and Kettlebells) but Lisa takes the cake when building a community. She is uniquely gifted in that way, and I look forward to watching her. She seems sincere. She makes me giggle a lot with some of her comments. I enjoy her.

So day 37 was legs. There were parts of this workout that I absolutely loved and some not so much. 
I would have done that whole workout without a single overhead press. Lisa does them with nearly every move! After all the push-ups from yesterday no thanks.  Besides women typically have much greater strength in their legs (discrepancy isn't as great in men) so us ladies could go far heavier in weights with out the pressing. I would have loved deadlifts and hip thrusters included in the workout too for more hamstring and glute work. 
But the squats, the split squats, side lunges (I do these in one of my classes a lot and love them), step ups, pistols, all great! The box jump squats I really like too - try actually touching your butt to the step instead of your hands - killer

The one thing I have noticed is that Lisa keeps making excuses for doing strength instead of cardio. Why? It's almost as if she feels that she's not fulfilling her obligation of making people jump all over the place. I am quite sure that people are finding these workouts just as hard if not harder than the other HIIT workouts where we use a lot of momentum. 

No excuses needed Lisa. You go girl and bring on the heavy weights! She used the sandbag a lot and I wish she would tell us how much weight she was using. 

I'm not sure about repeating these workouts each day though. The weeks prior to this seemed tough on the joints to keep repeating, this week over training the muscles. I would do each workout for  2-3 rounds instead. I would love to hear people's thoughts!


  1. I agree w you I really like Lisa and she really pushes me. I like the aggressiveness . I also like that in the beginning of some of the bonus workouts Lisa will take a sec and say thanks for joining our hiit plus . I just feel like she's a real person. I used to feel that way about Zuzka . if they was a problem w the workout I'd be fine as long as I got a workout eventually but honestly I think she stoped pushing me after the butt series . then bodyrock came out w hiit max and when the time came i just didn't renew my membership w her. I don't feel like shes real anymore. I feel like its about money and how many people know her name. Im still a fan of hers but I'm really like Lisa's workouts lately and your right she has a personality she makes me laugh while I'm working out and scream and sometimes swear lol

  2. PS no problem I love this blog I will click away here. Does it also work if your just refreshing or do u mean actually typing zuzanaorbodyrockaddict in google?

    1. Lol Ciara! I think u can just refresh. ;) glad u like it

  3. I think Lisa is making excuses for doing strength instead of cardio, because there are actually people complaining about it. I´ve read a couple of comments from people (well, only from women, to be precise), that they feel like cheating or lacking on a proper workout, when not doing cardio (i.e.jumping all around). So I believe that many people put an equatation between Lisa and Crazy Jumping Cardio. But I like to do more strength based training, it is a nice change. Only if there weren´t so many push ups. I tried to do whole week 7 and I almost pushed-up myself to death :)

    1. LOL - pushed-up myself to death! Cardio is so over rated and doesn't do as much for your body as strength training does. It surprises me how little people still do not know that.

  4. I want to root for zuzka, but I just can't at this stage. I contemplated joining zgym, but I really don't want to. It's just issue after issue and I don't want to be involved - not even for $1. Also, when I compare her paid site to another one, ekhart yoga... The difference is incredible. I realize she's just starting, but I feel like I'm getting my money's worth from ekhart and they care about their consumers. I don't feel as though I'll get my money's worth from Zuzka. But I guess we'll see as time passes...

    As for the workout, I agree with you on the moves that you loved vs. not so great ones. I would have skipped the pressing as well, due to the sheer volume of push-ups from yesterday's workout. I'm curious if anyone will be able to repeat that upper body workout for the rest of the week!
    My leg day is tomorrow, so I think I'll add the workout in towards the end. It looks fun! And honestly, I do like Lisa. She's fun to watch. I normally hate chatter during workout videos, but she doesn't annoy me at all. I enjoy her commentary and yeah, I just like her!

  5. I'm trying to lean out a little bit so this week the general plan is to do each strength day two-times-through with a cardio interval in between each exercise. That amounts to 48 minutes, and I tend to throw on a 12-plus-minute bonus at the end (yesterday was cardio; today was 12 minutes of abs and 15 minutes of cardio since I had a little more time). I also didn't do the overhead presses with the squats and lunges as I found it detracted from the lower body focus/was harder on my joints. BUT I do plan on doing Day 37 as a bonus sometime later this week WITH the presses to see if I can focus on engaging my core and therefore ease up on my joints.

    I like Lisa, too, I've found. I wasn't a fan in the beginning, then I was, then I wasn't, lol. But now I am. I think my expectations were so high since I wanted to mold myself after her but lately she's come off as more relatable and imperfect in a good way, and that's made me respect her more as a peer rather than ~idol-like~. If that makes sense! :)