Sunday, November 9, 2014

BR Burn Out Sneak Peek, Strength Week is Here! Beginner's Series on BR, Zuzka makes a comment about BR!! And what's up with the ZGym?

BR's STRENGTH  week is here. I LOVE strength. And remember - the stronger you get, the better you look. And if you haven't had a chance to look at the Killer Kettlebell Strength Workout I did, check it out!

Lisa also posted a sneak peek of the Burn Out Vids for Week 8:

Looks pretty intense! I am loving this crazy move. An upside pull up. Normally some of the stuff both BR and Z come up with for new moves can be silly, but I like this one. Gymnastics like! And a pulling exercise. :)

You could do this with your jungle gym, pull up bar or equalizer.

OK, for workout Day 36 - it was definitely more strength related than their normal jumping around workouts, but not as much strength as I anticipated. It was for arms - and some of the moves were great. Lots of push ups again. Loved the dips, the plank walks (YES!), the lunge with overhead press. I even liked the step and swing though this is more of a cardio move.  But how about some strict bent over rows, single arm shoulder presses, push presses or a clean and press, bicep curls, on the floor chest presses, etc
Lisa did a single leg row - but you cannot go as heavy this way. To focus on strengthening the upper/mid back muscles - do a straight out full row with heavy weight.
She also through in a couple of jumping moves which makes it more of a HIIT workout. When you are working strength you need rest between moves to regain your strength to lift heavy again. Working out in a circuit style is not always the best way to build strength.
But all in all not a bad workout. Something I would actually look forward to doing more than their regular HIIT workouts - no silly scissor jumps. LOL.
I am super curious about the rest of the week - especially leg day.

There is a new Beginner's Series too on BR:
What do you guys think? Got some pretty good reviews from newbies. I thought the host was super adorable. And putting her in NON-revealing clothing was a good move. I think beginners get intimated by all the skin and hot looking bodies! Zuzka always dresses down during her beginner videos too.

Alright, now onto Zuzka:

I saw a comment from a follower on Zuzka's web-site about her past with BR and she actually responded: 
Hey Zuzka Light -  why is bodyroctv on youtube, still featuring yourself, I hope you get royalties I cant believe you have no rights to it?? which I think you have mentioned in the past?

Response: hahaha I agree, I've been waiting for a check in the mail for about 3 years now.

Yikes! I thought she was making money off of it all along, but it looks like that is not the case after all. Doesn't seem right if her videos are still there - but probably like the whole WIN thing - they no longer belong to her.

I'm not sure what is going on with the ZGym. Are any of you having trouble logging in? I am not.

I saw this posted from Zuzka on her web-site: Hi guys! If you have subscribed to ZGYM, go ahead and make sure your login works. If you have trouble, send me an email at and let me know asap. Hope you're having a great day!  

This is not good news for the first day, but I guess we can expect growing pains.

The schedule for the week has been posted, and looks like we are getting a bunch of new workouts this week- YIPEE. Though Zuzka posts her workouts at 9AM PST so I will have to review it tomorrow. This was also posted on her site:
Each workout is going to be posted (and a link will be added to this schedule) at 9am of (PST -8) Los Angeles time zone. You will be also able to see the new update on the home page.
If you prefer to do your workouts early in the mornings, then I suggest to get one day behind the schedule, so that any workout I post TODAY is your workout for TOMORROW.

I wish she would post them 9pm PST time the night before so we would not have to be a day behind. It will not get posted til noon my time, so I will have to review the workout tomorrow along with BR's newest strength workout.

Enjoy your workouts!


  1. I'm a little disappointed, but at the same time, it is called "hiit max"... I guess my hopes for a real strength routine are a little misplaced! Either way, it looks like a very fun workout and some of the moves do look quite fun. WAY too much pushing, though. I think I counted only 2 pulling exercises amongst all those push-ups and lunge press. I'll do this workout, but maybe change a few things here and there. Like I said, it does look fun.
    I wonder what leg day will be like?! Heavy squats? Deadlifts? Weighted lunges? I hope!
    I also REALLY like that pulling move that Lisa is doing.

    I'm still holding off on joining zgym, but maybe I will. It's only $1 and I am curious! Hmm..

    1. I hope there are squats, deadlifts and weighted lunges for a strength leg day too Laura!

  2. I just watched the day 36 and I´m surprised because this workout made me feel like I would like to try it...(It has not happened with BR for a LONG time.) Or some version of it, you know, I got a bit inspired by it. =D I think I would make the intervals to be 60 sec and the rest 15-20 sec. And I think I would cut down pretty much all the jumps and the leg work. =D But that´s me. Or I would replace them with something else. I really like split routines, those gives me the best burn. I began doing those about two years ago, and that got me to completely new fitness level. I still do full body routines sometimes, maybe once/week but then it can go a couple of weeks that I do just split routines. =D Happy week, Gina! Love your blog! <3

    1. And after I press the Enter, I find bad English on my comment, of course, all the freaking time. =D Sorry that I suck. =D

    2. No worries Irene! Love your comments. Keep them coming! :)

  3. So, in her workout schedule for the week, she included a workout from the guns and pistols series. WHY? WHY? We don't have access to that anymore if we don't have the old zgym. Why would she not create new stuff for her NEW gym? Is she lazy or just not that bright when it comes to running a business?

    Maybe I sound rude by saying that, but after getting screwed around by her old Zgym and her lack of apology, I finally decided to sign up for the new Zgym...and this is what I get during week one?

    1. Lexxie - I don't get it. She gave us free workouts last week which she has now TAKEN away - they are only part of the paid ZGym. WHY? She is repeating workouts because she knows that we no longer have access to the old workouts, so why create new ones? BUT - with that being said I think some people WANT her to repeat workouts because they liked them so much and want to have them again. Her server also was down over the weekend because of the volume of sign ups. Not a good sign for her technical team, but certainly solidifies the fact the people don't care what she does as long as she provides good workouts. If I wasn't writing this blog I wouldn't have signed up.

    2. Lexxie - I was just reading on Zuzka's FB page and I guess you are not the only one concerned about not having access to her older ZGym workouts. I misunderstood you. We WILL have access to these workouts - Zuzka is either refilming them or reposting them: Zuzka Light: I have guns and pistols 7,8 and 9 in my possession so that's what we're doing. I will re-shoot the rest of the series so that we have them all on my website since a lot of people have been enjoying them.

    3. Yes! I see this now. I guess it's just her not being on top of things again and they will be there later.

  4. I agree with your point about Zuzana posting her workouts earlier so that people aren't a day behind. BR did that for a while (posting their workouts at 10am EST) which to me signified that - although that might have been easier for them in the mornings, it wasn't convenient for their followers. That kind of "catering to" is never a bad idea because it signifies consistency and flexibility on her end -- and if she's learned anything from what went down with ZGym version 1.0, she should take care to not post "Los Angeles time zone" -- number 1 as there is no such thing!, and number 2, it's a sign that she's thinking a little outside of herself and more for her fans/followers. It worked for BR, and it will work for her.

    But honestly, the bigger tech issues need to be addressed first.

    Day 36 of HiitMax was okay today, but it felt less like "strength week" and more like "let's cut out the cardio interval and call it strength week". I always like to do cardio with my hiit workouts so I did add a cardio interval in between each exercise, doing the workout 2x. Then I added 12 minutes of hiit cardio at the end.
    I'm not as excited as I was during HiitMax #1 but all in all these are good workouts and BR has been really consistent, so I'm all in, albeit with modifications.
    I don't follow Zuzana nearly as much, though, so I do want to incorporate her workouts into my routine as well. But I've no plans on joining ZGym until the more positive feedback comes through. I'm just hoping this is a huge hurdle she'll have to jump over and become better because of it. BR has been through their share of hiccups (albeit with image more than with customer service and people's hard-earned money, eep), so ..... here's hoping she can recover from this as she does put out good content.

    1. Lindsey - YES, I couldn't agree more. Zuzka should do what is best for her customers! She comes across to me as not caring quite enough and taking us and our money for granted. And people really don't seem to care as long as they get their workout fix. I for one DO care. This of course is how I am perceiving the situation - right or wrong. But [perception is reality in people's minds!
      As Laura pointed out - the strength workout from BR is still part of HIIT Maxx, so I guess it is a HIIT strength workout, rather than a HIIT cardio one. I was hoping for pure strength, but I'm not sure how BR could do that with the heavy weights needed and rest periods needed. They are pretty creative, so they just might figure out a way if enough of us keep requesting pure strength. :)

    2. Yes plz Gina this might seem a bit rude but plz keep your z membership I haven't. Joined just cause idk y really its only a dollar. I guess cause I'm waiting to see. And I like that you have it because when I read enough good things about it I'll join again.

    3. Also Gina I don't buy protein powders online I usually just get them st the grocery store and was wondering if you could recommend a grocery store brand. I bought some vegan one last week that's made out of brown rice and it only had 11 grams of protein. I'm not vegan or anything I just bought it cause I thought it be better for me

    4. Hi Ciara. I usually buy them online because grocery stores around me sell a lot of protein powders with chemicals etc in them. Yuk! Otherwise I have to go to a health food store, and it is typically out of my way. If you have these brands in your store check them out: Vega One, Garden of Life, Hemp Seed Protein, Jay Robb's. Good luck!

  5. Ciara- depending where you live, has a hugggeee selection and great prices/shipping.