Monday, September 22, 2014

ZGYM - still no new videos, but a new warm up routine, BR workout #7 is up on their site

ZGym was supposed to have the link to the new videos today, but there still is not any and nothing about it on Zuzka's FB page or web-site. Hopefully it will be uploaded tonight - though it was promised for afternoon PST time. It is almost 5pm in Cali, so not sure what's going on.

Oh Zuzka and BR - remember - under promise and OVER deliver! Geez you guys have a hard time with that.

Zuzka did post a new workout routine on her FB page today though.

BR has workout #7 up on their web-site. Honestly, I didn't watch the video yet, because after reading the workout breakdown I could see it was a lot more of jumping round your living room exercises.
Which is fine, but I reallllllly wish they would do a strength challenge.
They would still be able sell their equalizers, dip station, heavier sand bag options, and those adjustable weights - they used to sell those and should and could again. I guess things like the Bosu, UGI, Wall Ball, weighted vest would take a back seat in a strength challenge and BR is known for HIIT. I say they take a chance and work on something totally different. ;)

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  1. She must have left WIN: The newest workout is now up and running, filmed from her home studio! That explains everything that's been going on :)