Sunday, September 21, 2014

ZGym Starts Again Tomorrow, BR Day #6, Healthy Advice for week of Sept 22nd

Did you guys see that Zuzka is posting ZGym workouts starting tomorrow afternoon (PST) from her home studio? Looks like Watch It Now entertainment is out and Jesse is in!
The schedule for next week is posted, but the new workouts will not be uploaded until tomorrow. I bet they are still editing and uploading and need more time.
At least there will be new workouts. Still no explanation of what is really going on, but perhaps we will never know.
Zuzka is continuing with the Guns & Pistols Series - adding three more workouts to it.

BR has posted their workout #6 with Lisa. If you cannot jump you must be so disappointed by these workouts. Or even if you can jump but get sick of it. PLEASE oh PLEASE BR come up with a strength challenge that works our muscles with minimal jumping. I do actually like jumping and get an adrenaline rush from these types of HIIT workouts, but I need more strength type to feel like I am fully challenged.
The workout uses all sorts of equipment, you can pre-order the whole week of workouts and get a free nutrition guide. Is anyone here actually doing that? I'm sure the same will be offered for weeks 3-5. But if you are paying the $4.99 for the week in advance is that different than the $4.99 to be a monthly subscriber? Or is it the same thing?
Lisa had a couple of videos posted over the weekend, and it can really be weird to watch her talk. Her lips are so overly injected - I don't like the look at all. I'm not sure why she keeps doing that to herself. I thought she would get over it after a while, but apparently not. Can you keep getting lip injections for years?! Seems crazy.

So tomorrow is my birthday! Feel free to treat yourself to a new piece of equipment, or click on the Donate button. (hint, hint - LOL)
I have a page in progress for equipment.

I'm dying to get the Battle Ring System from ONNIT, but they are still sold out. I'm calling them tomorrow and see if I can get some anyways.

My Healthy Advice for the Week Of Sept 22nd is posted as well.



  1. I think it would be a smart move for Zuz to give zgym members six extra videos as three were lost for two weeks. I believe people would feel like her customer service is good this way and like she values paying members.

    Do you think that her leaving Watch it Now has anything to do with her no longer being owner of BR?

    1. Zuzka needs to do something to improve the perception of customer service for sure! I doubt Watch it now and BR are related because she left BR for Watch it Now. They probably liked it that she was no longer owner. If anything I think it was Zuzka who wanted out of the contract.

    2. Opps, sorry Lexxie, that was probably your point! So yes, Zuzka probably left them after she cashed in on BR!

  2. Yah :) That is what I meant. Maybe she was able to finally go on her own once she got paid out from BR.

  3. There is so much jumping with the current BR challenge, and I'll do it but I'm not enjoying it. I guess that's the point but if I had an issue with my joints or muscles or just regular range of motion, etc., I wouldn't be too happy. It's a LOT of jumping from day to day, but I guess that's where modifications come in handy. I just wish they were presented in the videos. Overall, though, I'm liking the workouts... I'm just not a big fan of the day to day build up aka doing the same videos over and over. But hey, they had to try a new format and it either works or doesn't.

    1. Good point Lindsey that they had to try it and see if it works. BR is always trying new things and they ARE quite good at listening to watch their viewers want. I agree though they really do need substitutions for jumping.