Monday, September 15, 2014

Finally! A response from Zuzka! And Day 2 from BR

This is her reply to someone who asked about her Zgym. Why She chose to respond to this person instead of somebody else I have no idea. Also this should be a headline in her blog, on her Facebook page, on her website and Zgym! I simply found it as a response to a question on a post on her Facebook page.

"I hope soon. We've been trying to workout a new deal with me and Watch It Now so that we move forward with a great idea and great new changes that are coming soon. Im sure everyone (member or not) will be happy about it."

People so far are very displeased. Her FB page and her ZGym page is filled with complaints. Zuzka needs to step up to the plate here. Freddy must be loving this! This is perfect timing for people to switch to the FREE HIITMaxx with Lisa. Actually lots of people mentioned it.

I feel bad in a way for Zuzka as people are not as loyal as I bet she thought they would be. BUT - I think for 3 reasons, 1. she is a day late and a dollar short with an explanation, 2. we are now paying customers, the majority of her workouts are no longer free, 3. HITTMaxx just came out for free.

I think if Zuzka was forthcoming she would have had A LOT more support. She is pretty good at reinventing herself, so whatever she has planned is actually probably quite good. We will have to stay tuned.

Day 2 from Lisa is posted. Much of the same old stuff - burpees, jump tucks, mountain climbers, etc.etc. Not that is doesn't make for a great workout - it does, and Lisa is great at it, but I think BR needs a new angle. I would love to see weighted workouts with progressions involved instead of just jumping around my living room. 


  1. I think I would be crazy mad if I was a Z-gym member and I didn´t get any new workouts. And not having a decent explanation why it is that way. That is bad customer service! I hope she will fix it soon. =D

    I watched Lisa yesterday, did she get bigger boobs again?! I thought those were smaller some while ago. About the workout: way too jumpy for me. Of course I still do some kind of jump training, but not that much like Lisa. I´m glad that I´m out of the jumping hell... =D Feeling much better now and putting more muscle on. And I agree, BR workouts are... a bit boring. The same old same old stuff maybe with a new toy. =D

    1. I believe she got implants again, but they're smaller than the previous set. They just look bigger because they're smooshed together by the weighted vest. (Those are just my thoughts and observations, though.)

    2. Yes, she got boobs again! I agree lots of jumping and if you are into that, a weighted vest WOULD be cool. Just not for that price. It's much cheaper elsewhere. And there is a 10lb one that is even cheaper.