Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 3 from BR, Still nothing from Zuzka, and Remember Kyla?

Lisa posted day 3 last night. Another typical jumping all over the place routine from BR, but I like this one the best so far. It is concentrating on 'core.' I wonder if there will be a leg day in there.
I can't image repeating all the workouts from the beginning each day. My joints ache thinking about it! LOL. I DO think these are great HIIT routines, and Lisa is addicting to watch. I am liking her more and more.

Here are some cool core exercises from my latest favorite site ONNIT:

Still NO formal word on any explanation on what is happening with the ZGym. Shame on you Zuzka!
Here is a great post on her web-site from a long time follower. It hits the nail on the head:
I think the main complaint that is coming out loud and clear here, and on the last few Facebook posts, is that people do not appreciate the total lack of communication. I know Z is reading the Facebook comments, as she responded to a few of them. But she does not respond the customer service questions.
Yes, there are lots of old workouts to chose from; yes there is new free content. But the point of a PAID membership is to have access to new, subscriber only content.
Zuzka and Z-team, when loyal long time followers are expressing discontent, you need to address the issue, not ignore it. If there is a new plan or format underway, just let your subscribers know in advance. Most people are really patient if they know what to expect.
I love Z’s style and energy, but lately there has been something really missing. I’d rather not subscribe and just keep cycling through the old free workouts which first drew me to Z, than be continuously frustrated and let down by the new site and focus on weight loss, weight loss, weight loss.
 Zuzka has posted more about her DIETbet. Sigh..... But I'm still not sure how she monetarily makes gains from this - other than perhaps it is more exposure for her.
Also, regarding Zuzka's ONLY response on FB about what is happening to the ZGym mentioned that her and Watch It Now are working on an agreement. Clearly this is not going well as Watch It Now is holding back new videos and they are losing money. I am wondering If Zuzka had a breach of contract. This makes me wonder if Freddy was right about Zuzka being money hungry. It certainly comes across that way to me sometimes. 
Now I think Freddy can be awful with the way he exploits women, but I think there is a side to him I like. He makes no excuses for who is he, what he does, and just does it. He's air his dirty laundry with Zuzka more than he should, but I think there just may be some truth to what he says.
I like Zuzka too - and I think she has motivated a lot of us to exercise and eat well. she's at a point in her career where she can do what she wants and charge what she wants. But this poor customer service is not warranted and bad business practice. I want to see more of her workouts - I'm STILL interested in her - so I hope this gets resolved! 

I got an email from a reader (thanks Effie!) about Kyla, Remember her as a guest host? She has gotten a lot more muscular since leaving BR too.
I see a theme here though - leave BR, lift weights, less HIIT, more shapely bodies! 


  1. Hi! Just recently found your blog! It's quite interesting to read, as a fellow follower of BR and Zuzana for many years! I was heartbroken the day Zuzka and Freddy made a post, saying their relationship was over back in 2010... Actually I didn't like it when they moved to USA eighter -something was wrong with that for me (I'm from Norway, European as well LOL) -and I really miss the roof-top scenes from Prague where Zuzka was working out in the hot sun! So inspiring! I also miss their vacation-videos! It was like coming along with them on their travels! Too bad Freddy deleted most of the videos. Will continue reading your blog :-)
    And yes: Lots and lots of HIIT will probably stress the body so much, it starts eating muscle mass. I saw this same thing too, as I was bodyrocking for a long time, and lost a lot of motivation when Zuzka was replaced by others and the workout-videos wasn't quite the same anymore + I didn't see that much change in my body. (I was also eating chocolate every day LOL, so...) But I wantet MORE muscle, and that's when I started searching for youtube-videos for gym-workouts, and I found Silje Mariela (She's a famous NORWEGIAN awesome-looking strength and bootybuilding-coach from my home-town!), and from her site, I also found Ashley Horner etc etc :) And lots of these figure-girls don't do lots of cardio ;-)

    Sorry for long post! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your response Hege! I liked those roof top videos too. Freddy deleted them now that he is sole owner of BR. They moved to Canada - not the US? Or I don't remember! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees that too much HIIT burns into muscle mass. :) And thanks for the tip on Silje Mariela. I'm going to check her out.

    2. Freddy and Zuzka moved to LA late summer of 2010 I think... Soon after their relationship was over! Are the videos gone now? Really? :( Good thing I downloaded some of my favourite workout videos then :)
      Silje is Norwegian, so her blog is in Norwegian, but there are photos and videos showing Perfect form in different types of squats, dead lifts, push ups etc. from her on YouTube as well :) But Zuzka will always be the one that opened my eyes for Fitness :)

  2. Besage11 on YouTube has basically all old. BR video's on his Channel. Also the travel and recipe vid's.