Friday, September 19, 2014

BR Plus, Active Rest Weekend, Zuzka's new home studio

I am not sure I understand what BR Plus is. I do know that is cost $4.99 a month, but after Lisa's HIIT Max challenge is up, what will you be paying for? And they are charging to get FREE workouts, but to get them a couple of days early and in a downloadable file you can travel with? Is that it? Cheaper than the ZGym, but not exactly the same concept.

Speaking of the ZGym, I am thinking that might be obsolete! Zuzka and Jesse have finished building her home studio, and she says there are more workouts and free ones coming. I'm not sure if she means more workouts that are paid, and the 5 min free ones, or something else all together.
I think she has a little money to play around with now as Freddy bought out her share of BR - which is also why all of her older BR workouts are deleted from their site now.

Zuzka asked us to bear with her - and I think many of us are, but many others are going to cancel ZGym and wait to see what's next. She NEEDS to do something for this coming week for paying customers, even if it is refunds, but she needs to address it and not ignore it. I can't believe the ignoring of her paying customers that's gone on for nearly 3 weeks now is not addressed. I can only assume she is bound by contract.
Has anyone tried calling or emailing customer service for a response? I wonder what they would have to say.
No new BR workouts til Monday - it is an active rest weekend! And if you've done all 5 days of the workouts with the repeats each day, I'm sure you need it.

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