Thursday, September 18, 2014

BR Day 5, BR PLUS? Zuzka's Workout has PULL UPS! And 80 lb KB Swings by Yours Truly

BR's day 5 workout is posted on their site. There is no cardio in this workout (which is probably a GOOD thing LOL), but just a lot of exercises using their affiliate equipment.
This was very upper body focused - more strength focused, again which is a good thing IMO after all the jumping around all week. I'm surprised there was a 'leg' focus day in there, but yesterday with all those squats, I suppose that was enough!
Half of this workout was done on the BOSU ball. Other than trying to sell it - WHY? Sure it makes you wobbly and use your core, but I'd rather be stable, use heavier weights which in fact would use your core more.
Lisa even took her vest off for the very last exercise. She seemed tired at the end of this one - and after doing the filming for all 5 days, I bet she was wiped.

And check this out! BR PLUS:  You can get a BR membership for $4.99 a month!!!!!! Talk about copying the ZGym - and what better timing when the ZGym is in trouble. How weird. Yes, you can still get everything for free, but for an extra $5 you get 'premium' access and the definitive nutrition guide.

I'll be curious to see the comments on this once it is actually posted on Lisa's page ( that is if they do not remove the negative comments which they are known to do).

Zuzka posted another FREE 5 minute workout - more strength based - and performing none other than pull ups! If you read my blog all the time then you know of all my complaints about Zuzka's workouts consistently missing pulling type exercises. I've been talking about pull ups, pull up bars and the like lately as well as saying Zuzka could stand out a bit more from BR if she included these, and lo and behold, we have pull ups! :) She did some kneeling shoulder presses and again more KB swings.
I'm beginning to wonder if Zuzka is going back to her original ways that made her popular in the first place: home based workouts, little equipment, filmed at home, using household items like brooms and chairs. Probably not a bad thing.

And what's up with her roots here? Didn't she just go to the hair salon? Maybe that was just for her extensions. But I actually like the blond look with dark roots throughout. :)

Zuzka has been doing a lot of KB Swings lately. I know they are one of her favorite exercises. I did some myself today. As part of my workout I did 5 rounds of 10 swings with an 80 lb bell (36 KG).
It was heavy (I weight 120 LBS so it was 2/3rds my bodyweight. :) But doable. I think I might be able to go even a bit heavier, but I'd be afraid it would pick me up off the ground on the down swing.
You can check out a video of me doing them on my FB page. I couldn't get the video to post here for some reason.

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