Saturday, August 23, 2014

Workout Programs for Sale

I have bought numerous workout programs over the past couple of years. I do one, then move onto the next! Here is a list and if anyone is interested, just let me know!

Some of these you can't get anymore and of course I'm offering them cheaper than their original price. :)

You can google all of them for more details as well.

I am also still offereing lots of Lululemon clothes among other items for sale too:

Workout Programs:

Kettlebell Burn Extreme by Geoff Neupert - a 4 Phase KB program and includes nutrition program. Pretty hard core, typically a 3 day workout program, lots of walking too, can do from home if you have KB's:  $25

HFT - High Frequency Training by Chad Waterbury - great for those stubborn body parts for both men and women that you just can't seem to 'tone' or build muscle. 4 day program, great workouts, can be done from home, includes nutritional advice as well: $20

A Series of over 50 HIIT Workouts by Kyra Williams The Get In Shape Girl: need a gym for some of these: $5

Lift Weights Faster by Jen Sinkler: Hard core! She is one hell of a strong woman. These workouts are short, intense and NO joke. Need a gym for most. $30

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workouts by Nia Shanks: a 3 day 3 month program using all your own bodyweight to get strong and shapely muscles. Need a pull up bar only, goes over push up, pull up, pistol progressions and more: $5

Challenge Diet Program by Shawna Kaminski: This is a 21 day diet plan used to stimulate fat loss in a short period of time. This is not an exercise program. $5

27 Body Transformation Habits That You Can't Ignore, by Tyler Bramlett: advice only, no workouts, but he offers lots of free ones - check him out at $2

Today is my rest day but I am auditioning to teach at a new gym that is opening in my area. Gotta go play with the kiddos now. :)


  1. I also noticed she has been responding to more posts! I meant to mention that. I do find that she can be very sharp with some of her responses, like the one you posted. I wonder if it is a bit of a language barrier? Perhaps she cannot communicate as well in written English than spoken?

    Something else I noticed is her blog posts are written better now. I think someone is helping her, which is good for her business, I think (so long as the actual thoughts are her own, and not someone literally writing for her!)

    Did you notice one of Lisa's major facial changes is the super arched eyebrows? They make her look unhappy (angry?).

    1. Perhaps it is a language barrier but I think it's a little peek of her darker personality. Lol. I certainly did notice Lisa's eyebrows - eye lift or forehead lift or who knows?