Saturday, August 23, 2014

Repeating Exercise Challenge #7, Zuzka talks back and more on Lisa

Time to repeat the yoga challenge!
Exercise challenge #7: Get into crescent lunge and hold for one minute, then immediately get into standing frog and hold for one minute, back into crescent lunge - other leg - and hold for one minute. Adjust your stance once again and immediately get back into standing frog and hold for one minute. 4 minutes of static holds on the legs is harder than it seems. Then finally straighten your legs and come into a wide legged forward fold and hold the stretch for one minute.

Has anyone noticed that Zuzka is responding to more posts these days? She has yet to respond to one of mine posts though! Never did respond to my question about Almond Flour.....

Zuzka gets a little defensive now doesn't she! Do you guys think she should respond this way? I think it seems a bit unprofessional - even if the person deserves it, I think as a public figure running a business she should take the high road and respond in a more positive tone.

Lisa posted this on her FB page:

amazing just the way we are Lisa? She needs to take her own advice!


  1. So interesting about lisa. So she gets on a plane and goes somewhere..she posted a picture today on instagram and her lips look totally different than in this picture! Much bigger.

  2. Her lips look horrible. Can't she just do a subtle enhancement of them if she insists on having them done? Her natural lips look just fine. I think her eyelashes are very sparse so I could see maybe doing something subtle for that...but her lips are pretty naturally!

  3. Zuzka and Jesse are building a studio at home for her. I wonder if they plan to film on their own from now on? Or if this is just for her 5 min workouts etc.? What do you guys think?