Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Repeat Exercise Challenge #3, Zuzka's Cardio Workout #2, the Latest Equipment From BR

OK guys, time to repeat exercise challenge #3 - the pull up challenge. Do 30+ pull ups over the course of the entire day - just one or 2 here and there as the day goes on.
Do pull ups - assisted, negatives, inverted rows, broomstick variation - whatever you can. Try and do 5 more pull ups than you did last time. :)

Zuzka posted her Cardio Yoga Workout #2. Hmmm.... not sure what to think. Basically stretches in between cardio work.
As a yoga instructor I am dying to fix her form in upward dog! She needs to open her chest more - broaden through her collar bones - she's too rounded.
I liked the beginning of Downdog to upward dog as a warm up, but the plank to pigeon pose should have come at the end of the workout - not at the beginning. Very weird sequencing in my opinion. And the rocking boat pose is HARD on the low back. Another exercise from her that's hard on the low back? Who comes up with these workouts?

I am not sure what Zuzka has been up to with all of these ' series' - lifted butt, KB, Tabata, now yoga. How about just some regular workouts that are hardcore?! Do a workout with KB's, jump rope, butt and ab work, throw in a Tabata and some upper body work, end with yoga. Sound good? ;)

BR has been posting ads for their wall ball - it is $129 with free shipping. I find it odd that both the 8lb and then 10 lb cost the same. The one from ONNIT costs under $60! The one from Power-Systems is $85.00 for a 10 lb ball.

Lisa also posted on her FB page that they are selling a new bar and weights because the other T-Bar set kept going on backorder. They have a pic of it, but no brand name or cost yet. It does look cool, but I don't know about the price tag or the amount of weight.

Looks like there is 35lbs of plates, but not sure how much the bar weights.
Most of us will have better luck on craigslist - no the equipment will not be new or look as pretty, but you'll certainly get more for your money. The fact that they kept selling out of these tells me how much people are actually buying this stuff via BR. Wow! I'll stick to the less expensive options for now - until one day when this blog makes me rich I'll buy all of it and be the formal tester of equipment, workouts, guides and supplement. LOL.


  1. i agree with you, i wonder too why all the series Zuzka has been doing lately, i wish it would be more mixing with all of them instead. i get bored easily and well lets face it they are not challenging either and sometimes i wonder why stay a member but maybe she will get back to harder workouts soon :). love your blog by the way and read it everyday :)

    1. Tx! Glad you like my blog. :)
      I'm hoping her workouts get back to the way she used to do them too.