Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is it Lisa? Zuzka's 5 min workout, Recipes and Yoga Cardio #3, Repeating challenge #5

Did you all see this black and white pic of Lisa on her FB page? The only reason I knew it was her was from her tattoos. She looks so different. Her face looks like a completely different person.

Zuzka posted a 5 min workout that looks pretty good. Add it as a cash out to the End of a workout or use it on one of those days where all you have is 5 min. I like it when she posts these little goodies. You can put a bunch of her 5 min workouts together for a more complete workout too.

Zuzka also posted this pic of cookies on her FB page. When asked for the recipe she said it will be part of her new book. I guess that answers the question over what her new book is going to be about! :)

She did however post a new recipe for cupcakes. They are made with almond flour, which I am not a fan of because 1. it is extremely caloric (and lets face it, who is going to only eat one cookie?!) and 2. it can go rancid when cooked at high temperatures (much like olive oil does when heated at too high temps). Here is some more info on that: - I posted this link on Zuzka's FB page and asked for her thoughts. Lets see if she responds. :)

Zuzka's Yoga Cardio #3 is now posted. Much of the same - some plyometrics, jump rope and yoga moves added in. Not sure what to make of it actually. What are you guys thinking of this?
I guess I was expecting maybe a yoga warm up, some intense cardio moves, then ending with a yoga cool down.
I also teach a yoga cardio type class and we do lots of Sun salutations, lunges, plank, backbends, some plyometrics, but mine is a cardio FLOW class - so we connect one pose to the next, moving quickly, adding ins some plyos as well as longer holds of poses. Just different views of what I was expecting yoga cardio to be!

Time to repeat exercise challenge #5 - Tabata Handstand Hold. See if you can make improvements from last week! This is one of my favorites. :) Something about being upside down is so child like.


  1. OMG. Her face looks so different. You are right! I thought the nose when she did it was an improvement, but hated the lips. Now I don't even know what she did, but it's not the same.

    I agree re: almond flour. I think that really low carb or ketogenic diets are good for those who can manage portion control due to how calorically dense the meals tend to be. I like food too much so I would never be able to eat just one cookie.

    1. There's another pic on Lisa's FB page and it's startling. Eye lift, cheek implants, new nose. Why did she do all that to herself? I feel bad for her.