Thursday, May 29, 2014

What's with all of's guides? And nothing free from Zuzka in a while

BR has just released TWO new guides. I understand that they make money off of these, but they are releasing them at too rapid of a pace (IMO) and it is confusing on which guide to buy! They have an FAQ's on which guide is to be the one for you, but some of it seems redundant to me.

Notice the typo in BR's add as well on Definitive.
Regardless, why the new guides? How are they truly different from their other nutrition guides. I am sure some of it is repetitive.
Their bonus workout guide seems to be the only one that is different as it is exercise based rather than nutrition based.

Zuzka has not posted her latest arm balance challenge, nor has she released a free workout in a while, or a newsletter. I got newsletters Nov - Feb, but haven't received one since.
She also posted a while back that Jason would be leading us in new workouts. What ever happened to him? Nikki is new as is leading the beginner series, but I feel like Zuzka dropped the ball on a few things.
As most of you know, this kind of stuff makes me nuts! Don't promise a monthly newsletter (in which she mentioned that she would be doing an advanced KB series), don't promise a new trainer, a weekly arm balance challenge, etc, and then don't deliver!
BR used to be infamous for this kind of stuff too, but since they've started doing challenges instead of weekly workouts, it has been better.

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