Thursday, February 27, 2014

Learn the Pistol Squat by Zuzka and the daily HIIT's obsession with Photoshopping

Zuzana posted a Pistol Squat workout. It was quite good. I did it this morning. I'm getting better at pistols, but not quite there yet! These sometimes bother my back and/or knees, so I go in phases of practicing them. Need more consistency with these to get better at them for sure! (Just like anything else in life!)
This workout actually took me longer than most of her workouts do. Interesting.....
But I did really like it. I loved the roll back into the bounce version - I was really able to start to come back up. I can get all the way down, just not back up without assistance.

Zuzka states  - I've been getting many comments and emails from you about the Pistol squat and how much you'd like to be able to do this challenging exercise, so I decided to put together and easy workout that you can do daily to start building your strength, coordination, and flexibility required. 

From that statement she got several replies saying - never gonna happen, ummmm, easy? Not easy! etc, etc. 
Exercise comes much easier to Zuzana than most people, so I sometimes thinks she forgets how hard some of the exercises are for the average person. Her stuff might be easier for fellow bodyrockers, CrossFitters, avid weight lifters and the like, but for the average person who only works out here and there or who is brand new, this stuff is anything but easy. She might turn some people off this way. 

If you haven't tried her pistol squat workout, I recommend it.

On another note, seems to have an obsession with pointing out photoshopping of other web-sites and magazines. I find this ironic as I think they do a fair share of it themselves. 
I think both Rita and Melissa have veins, scars, pores, etc? Can't see any here! 

But I really do like that they point out how ridiculous photshopping has become today. As my own mother always used to say - no model can live up to her picture.
Their latest blog on this topic is here:

Some people keep commenting with complaints that thedailyhiit has gone off topic too much, does too much celebrity talk, etc. I happen to like it and think that a lot of it ties into health and wellness. (IMHO). :) 

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