Friday, December 13, 2013

Are Lisa-Marie and Freddy Light still a couple?

I'm wondering...... obviously none of my business, but I am curious. Freddy and Sean both have been MIA from for quite some time now. It's all about Lisa.
I am sure Freddy is still filming and posting and in charge, but there are no pics of Lisa and Freddy, no mention of their relationship. They were very open about it before. So either they decided to stay out of the public eye  together, or they broke up. It will be interesting to see what holidays pics they decide to post. Lisa did mention she is going home - but no mention of spending any time with Freddy.
I checked out both of their Facebook pages, and no mention of each other.
Sean has not updated his in a while, but it looked like he also had a break up with his girlfriend. I couldn't really tell, but that's what it sounded like he was eluding to.


  1. I guess it’s not any of our business, but at the same time, they made their relationship (and and times it felt like their sex life with some of those earlier pics) very I think it’s okay for us to wonder :P
    I have to say that I was concerned that he got his new gf LM (new at the time...) to work for his business. It just seemed not very smart given the impact it would have on his business if they broke up. I imagine he made the decision based more on emotions than business smarts as he clearly was very affected by the divorce from Zuzana. When our emotions are high, we don’t usually make the best decisions.

  2. Been thinking the same for a while. The never post pictures or write about each other. And Lisa did the challenge alone in Spain.

    I'm very curios about the future of the sites -would this bee like the divorce over again and searching for a new host?