Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So was it Freddy who started the whole bigger than life boob thing to be a successful online fitness instructor? Do you think he convinced Zuzka to get them in the first place? She seems to love them, so maybe not.

Hers certainly look far better than Lisa's did and Melissa has the worst boob job I think I have EVER seen. She looks like she has 2 cement blobs on her chest.
Zuzana's by no means look real, but they are proportionate to her body. Well, most the time. Sometimes she smushes and pushes them up too much. In her yoga DVD's especially. Whenever she does upward dog her implants look like they are going to pop out of her skin.
But if you look at her in her latest hotel workout video for instance, they look like normal implants.
However - I DO think she added some make up on her stomach to accentuate her abs. :)

Lias's boobs just looked so ridiculously big on her tiny frame. I really think she looks better now au natural breasts. She is still no stranger to trying to change her looks. Still the fake tan, fake eyelashes, tattooed eyebrows, lip injections, and oiled skin.  Why all the fuss? It's not like she needs all that.

Melissa is quite pretty, gorgeous hair, and so likable. I love listening to her on her videos. She is the only one I don't mute because of an annoying voice. She is motivating, fit and inspirational to me because she is a mom of 2. Lisa nor Zuzana have given birth! It's a whole new ball game after that. I had both of my kids after turning 35, and your body is much less forgiving as your skin makes significantly less collagen.
Anyways, her boobs just look plain dumb. They look fake, hard as rocks, larger than life and are not flattering to her frame. IMHO of course.

It just seems to me that Freddy only keeps hosts with fake boobs. Lish, Mila, Teshia, Rita, - all gone. I know there were probably some more in there too, but I can't remember right now.......

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