Monday, October 28, 2013

Do you like the longer or shorter ZWow's and ZShreds? And Melissa was back with another great workout

Zuzana went thru a little phase there were many of her workouts were 25-35 min long. I liked it. She is back to her typical 15 min-ish workouts. I like those too.
The longer ones I can use more as a full workout. The shorter ones I use as a cash out to my weight training sessions.
I thought Zuzka mentioned there was going to be yoga added in this week? I only see mention of her DVD. I would LOVE it if she added it in!
What did you all think of Zuzka's new look? She looks amazing! Look how different she looks since ZWow #1.

I saw many comments on Facebook saying it was too much, too cut, too masculine, but I like it! My husband said it was too much too. Her implants help! LOL.

Melissa has another great workout on I saw it yesterday and now for the life of me I cannot find it.  I will post is later when I do find it, I have to head to work soon.
This and is still so damn confusing to me!

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