Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photo-shopped? 30 Day Squat challenge, Boobs, and Fat Burning vs. Muscle

Do you think any of the pics of anyone on bodyrock.tv or any of Zuzana's pics are photo-shopped?

For instance, it looks like Zuzana's waist has been photo-shopped in these 2 pics:
Zuzana Light


Now I'll probably get a lot of slack for making that comment, and don't get me wrong, Zuzana works hard for her body and looks great! But I do wonder if any of the pics from either site has been 'fixed.'

Secondly, the 30 day squat challenge by Lisa looks interesting. She says she needs to work on her ass. Really? It has not an ounce of fat on it, and she's worked out in her underwear with her butt cheeks showing. Does she mean she wants a rounder, bigger one perhaps? I wonder if she will have a new butt at the end of the challenge. It will be interesting to see.

Why is it that Zuzana's fake boobs look so much better than anyone else's? Don't get me wrong here either, they certainly look fake, but they look good. Lisa's looked so bad. Melissa's look like shelves.
I have noticed that Zuzana has a tendency to push hers together - which is what most naturally large chested women's breasts do. Lisa and Melissa both have huge spaces between them looking very plastic.

Lastly, how is it that Zuzana has so much muscle tone as her workouts are mostly fat burning? Once you burn off the fat, and are left at an ideal weight, you need some strength training to put on some muscle. Now she does do strength moves, but mostly her workouts are HIIT and fat burning rather than muscle building.

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  1. Hehe I hate fake boobs but I really hate the huge space between fake boobs!

    Anyway I am doing this 30 day squat challenge and I don`t see any results :/.