Friday, September 6, 2013 vs., the New Hosts and ZCUT Power Yoga Series 2

Freddy wrote a post about his 2 sites, and saying he wants to change the web-sites and wanted our feedback. A lot of folks said they liked better, and they liked it the old way better and now it was too complicated.
What do you guys think?
I have liked their workouts lately much better and I think it has to do with Lisa's post asking what people wanted. Such a large number of people responded with - les complicated, more bodyweight workouts, and that is what we have gotten. I do like it better.
Once person mentioned to keep with Lisa, Sean and Teshia as the core group, and then have for all the new hosts. I kind of like that idea too. It has gotten WAY too complicated to follow both.
Watching the new hosts has been fun. The lastest 2 are Karen and Jacquline. They both have great bodies - natural ones too. They both have great hair! And they both are wearing Lululemon. So perhaps their love affair with Lulu is not over.
Karen seems a but nervous on camera, but the workouts have been great. The Pilates ones I have not been as crazy about, but I'll admit, I do not know much about Pilates. I do NOT like the name of the latest Pilates workout - get that thigh gap - as most women have to be emaciated to have that space between their inner thighs. Seems demeaning and anorexic like to me.
I have actually followed on Facebook instead ever since came into existence because I found it much, much easier to follow than the web-sites themselves.

I am SOOOOO excited that Zuzana is releasing ger new ZCut Power yoga Series 2. It will come out this Tuesday. Woo-hoo! I still plan on ordering her ZRopes as well. I would love feedback on Zropes from anyone out there. My birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I am treating myself to these workouts. And probably a Lululemon outfit too. :)

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  1. You don't have to be emaciated to get a thigh gap. Plenty of women with wide hips have a gap. Also, you can get a thigh gap with narrow hips by simple getting lean, and you can do that in a healthy manner (body builders, athletes and fitness models do it all the time)

    I know because I got a thigh gap by following the a diet/exercise regimen that worked and I wasn't starving or emaciated (there is no one size for a thigh gap, btw). I'd recommend you check out the book "The Thigh Gap Hack" ( which covers in detail why thigh gaps are not inherently unhealthy