Friday, August 30, 2013

Who is Kaz? And is Zuzana doing pull ups?

Lisa from keeps writing about this person Kaz. I must have missed this somewhere along the line, so who is she? Any pics? I know it is someone Lisa was with in Spain...... Enough already though!

Zuzana mentioned this on her Facebook page when asked about pull ups. I really wish she would include them in her workouts!!!!

Zuzana Light I do recommend to include pull ups into a an exercise regimen, but I don't want to include them into my general workouts in the zgym simply because not everyone has a pull up bar at home. I do have a pull up bar in my bathroom doorway and I do pull ups here and throughout the day outside of my workouts, which is perfectly fine to do. Pull ups are really hard so doing 2-3 reps at a time few times a day is almost ideal.

So sneaking in a little extra workout here and there is probably what she does A LOT.

I also LOVE her little 4 minute routines she has been posting! 

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  1. There are photos of Kaz on Instagram and she even guest-wrote a blog on She's Lisa's friend from the UK who visited her for ten days during her trip in Spain.

    RE: Zuz's pullups: "So sneaking in a little extra workout here and there is probably what she does A LOT."

    I don't know why, but it sound like any extra training that she does is a bad thing, at least that's the tone that comes off in some of your blog posts. I know Z likes to state more often than the other trainers that these are the workouts (and probably only workouts) that she does every day or whatever - I don't really know because I don't watch her videos. But I'm pretty positive that all of the trainers cross-train, as it's encouraged in the fitness community, and all of the trainers practice certain exercises for purposes of form and effectiveness - just like normal, every day people should do as well. I'm sure as an instructor that you do more than the workouts that you instruct, right? I think that anyone can read between the lines that the trainers do more than they "say" or "show" on the videos, and honestly, them not saying as much isn't that big of a deal. If they're encouraging unrealistic expectations, then okay, I can understand the concern. But at this point your concern is beating a dead horse.