Thursday, July 14, 2016

Did You See What Zuzka is Doing? Melissa Ioja Has a FB Challenge Starting TODAY! And Thanks For Reading!

So Zuzka has a raffle going for new workouts for her ZGym. 

She posted this yesterday:

I really like the idea (that you guys had – yes I do read your comments) of doing a workout draft. You guys want to see different type of workouts in the ZGYM and I can’t make everyone happy, but I can try 🙂 I will do a draft this Thursday (tomorrow) and you guys can let me know what kind of workouts you’d like me to put together for ZGYM and every month I will pick a winner. I think it can be a lot of fun.

And then today:

I love this idea! Will any of you submit anything? What kind of ideas will you submit? I want her to do a workout using her 90 lb Kettlebell! 

Z posted her Stretch & Tone workout yesterday and her 15 Minute Slide workout today. Today she did a one arm plank this morning where you slide your legs into your chest and back that looked pretty hard. It makes me want to get the sliders. 

Z also mentioned last week that with all the toe raises she has been doing her calves have never looked better. Has anyone noticed a difference in their own calf muscles? Or in hers? I didn't notice a difference in hers only because I thought they always looked great and muscular. She should do a before and after pic!

Well, I haven't see much from Melissa Ioja lately, and come to find out she has a live workout coming this morning: 8:00 am PST I will be doing a LIVE workout that you can watch on my Facebook page! (click on this link then LIKE my page to see where to go in the morning!)
(If you can't do it live, The video will still be up on my page and you can do it later!)
Go to her FB page if you are interested: I know many of you like her a lot, and her workouts are SUPER challenging. She is one strong woman. 


I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog over the past few years. I feel like I met a whole new world of friends! Stay tuned for new stuff to come. At some point tomorrow I will have my new blog up. Of course I promised the kids I would take them to the movies tonight, I teach class first thing tomorrow morning and I have family coming into town tomorrow, but I WILL have it up and running at some point tomorrow (Friday). :) :) :)