Sunday, July 10, 2016

This Is What I Think Sends A Double Message, Looking For Some FREE BodyWeight Burnouts? And Has Anyone Heard OF HIITBURN.COM

OK, I find this confusing. YES, this is MY opinion. NO, this is NOT meant to hurt Lisa's feelings.
I saw this posted on her FB page:

(Had to be removed per Freddy)

Lovely words that Lisa has to say and share. I truly thinks she speaks from the heart. (I actually always like it when she posts her little dances that she does too).
She looks remarkably different than from when she first started with BR.TV - and not just from the workouts. She writes -  It took her a long time to own what she loves. She didn't love it enough so she got surgery? That's her choice and who am I to comment on it right? I get it.

My point being is that she is a role model to millions of people - and that she is - make no doubt about that - and lots of girls - not just women - and she needs to be careful. Girls can be easily influenced and may feel discouraged and disappointed, not inspired or motivated by her choices. Many may feel the need to get surgery and/or injections as well. Maybe her message is to tell others not to copy her? I personally find her message confusing. There may be girls out there who feel bad about themselves and are sensitive to her message.
She goes on to say be happy and excepting of the gifts YOU were given. She was not given all of her body/looks. Again, I'm not trying to be mean. This is how I see it. No one has to agree - and least of all you Lisa (or Mr. "Unknown.") You're telling me to accept myself for who am I when you don't seem to accept yourself for who you are.

I remember when Lisa first started as the new host - and I thought here is this cute and bubbly woman, with crazy hair, a crazy attitude, crazy abs, crazy workouts, crazy likability, and MY GOD - the only fitness person on camera, magazine, app, online, etc without surgery. Way to go. Way to send a message. Way to be yourself.....

Anyways, Lisa DOES provide a gift to many. She IS in fact inspiring to MANY. Hell - she DOES get God knows how many people off their butts and into damn good shape. That she should be proud of - and she should keep it up. I DO look forward to watching her all the time. She has changed her own body through workouts as well - we can all see has gotten more muscular lately. AND I have always loved her body. We are all in this to get better bodies - inside and out.

Only one more day until the Advanced BR.TV Bootcamp comes out. Woo-Hoo!

I have mentioned Natalie JillFit once before and I am recommending her again. She has a ton of free videos on her FB page of burnouts for various bodyparts or even fullbody that you can add to your fitness routines, Check her out! They are all bodyweight - no equipment needed. :)

HIITBURN.COM - anyone else heard of it? Looks pretty damn cool. They have a web-site and a FB page. You can get on their e-mail list too. Great for a full-body workouts or you can use them as cash-outs. some of their stuff is free, others you have to pay for. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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