Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Is The Advanced BootCamp Here, And Is It Free? (UPDATED) What IS Really Going On With This Blog? Summer Shred #15 with Zuzka, The Latest Fitness Stuff On The Web Including a 30 Day Booty Challenge!

I saw on Facebook people asking about the Advanced Bootcamp and a few of you have asked about it here, so perhaps it did not launch for people yesterday? I remember the Intermediate bootcamp did not launch on their proposed date either. Lisa's response on FB was that it should be in your email or to email their customer service...... Someone else asked her today, and she responded with 'today hopefully.' Huh?
Then I DID get an email saying that Advanced Bootcamp is released today and that they are also starting an On Demand service. I know a lot of you won't like it because it is a pay service, but it's the way of the world these days. Everything from TV, to Radio, to Movies is a subscription service. What I don't understand is that it looks like it Bootcamp is no longer free? I tried clicking on the bootcamp workouts from various different options and I can't get see the workout unless I pay. I thought they advertised this as free? Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Or maybe they just changed their minds?
OR -  I think it is free for 30 days - which is the length of the Advanced Bootcamp, BUT you need to give your credit card info, and start your free 30 day trial, and cancel if you don't want to be charged after that. Or at least that's how I see it to work?
If so, WOW that's a HHHUUUGGGEEE change for bodyrock.
UPDATE: There is a link on Lisa's FB page today for the new Bootcamp - I tried that. From there you have a choice to go for on demand or just get the bootcamp delivered to your inbox daily. I made the latter choice. Nothing yet to my inbox - though they may have blocked me. There are quite a few comments under Lisa's posts that people are not getting the emails, so I'm not sure. There are lots of other folks who also think you can only get it by doing it via the free trial of the on demand mode - which was my experience when I tried it through the email I got yesterday.

Again as I said, Freddy threatened a law suit against me.
He does not want me to use his images, photos, videos, etc. etc..
I understand that.
He does not want to talk about anyone associated with bodyrock either, he accused me of slander - but there is a difference between slander and Freedom of Speech. He doesn't get to pick and choose as much there.
I have removed many of the images as he requested already.
I drive a lot of traffic to his sites so I don't get that part, but so be it.
Maybe he is just protecting Lisa - the love of his life -  and if so, that is really sweet and romantic. I also think that I just really push that man's buttons! Oh well. Onward and forward.

Zuzka published her latest Summer Shred workout - #15.
Now before I get accused of doing anything else wrong I am not going to copy and paste her workout.
It is a lot like last weeks - it is broken up into 3 parts:

The first part is Kettlebells - all leg work. She uses her 44lb and 26 lb bells.
The second part is jump rope and burpees: is is 6 rounds of 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.
The last part is upper body and abs - 2 rounds. She uses her pull up bar and her sliders.
I have not tried this workout yet - and will do it next week when I am on vacation. It looks pretty damn tough though!
For those of you who did it - what did you think?
I'm such a weights girl now that I have a hard time getting the same endorphin rush from these kinds of workouts. My heart rate gets up there for sure, but my muscles don't feel as taxed.
I've been working out at home with lighter weights the past several days - since my daughter's surgery - and will throughout the next few weeks (we start vacation this Saturday), so I'll be dying to get back into heavy weights again come August!

Here are some workouts from around the web you guys might be interested in:

I believe I mentioned this one last week: Fit Force FX (thanks Mira!) She has a YouTube Channel full of free HIIT workouts - and they are long workouts - at least an hour!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wkhjMDu9rwOhjoMnOalnQ

Secondly, I have mentioned Bret's new program called Strong by Bret. You can try it for free for 2 weeks. I cannot recommend this guy enough if you reallllllllly want to change your body. You will however need access to weights. strongbybret.com

An oldie but goodie from Bret too - 30 day BOOTY challenge - all bodyweight exercises.

If any of you are into Kettlebells like I am, I found a terrific site for free KB workouts:

One of my favs of all time can be found here: http://www.myomytv.com/workouts/
Marianne does short intense and full-body, well balanced workouts. She is a nurse and a trainer, so I always find her workouts the most well rounded and functional along with high-intensity. All free!

And whatever happened to Rumi? Remember her?
She has lots of free workouts via her YouTube channel, FB page and her web-site. She hasn't posted anything new anywhere in  long time and hasn't responded to anyone either. I hope she is OK! She had a lot of great workouts. Again, all free.


  1. I understand the same. BR is Not FREE anymore. I will Not register for the free trial 30 days to have access to the bootcamp. They do Not post on a regular basis like Zuzka (4-5 new workouts per week). Good bye BR! This is sad for Lisa. I'm Not a fan of the FB live thing.

    1. I saw a link on Lisa's FB page today - I used that. There is a choice to do on demand OR get an email of the bootcamp delivered to your email. I signed up to just get the bootcamp delivered to my email. Nothing yet. I'm not sure if they blocked me though. But I see lots of comments under Lisa's post that folks have not received the workout and lots of folks who also think you can only get the workouts by giving your credit card.

    2. Oh! Thanks Gina, I didn't see that at first. I signed up now.

  2. Ironic how I just clarified that for bodyrock!

    1. Yes and once again, you will bring traffic to their site.

  3. Don't forget "Fit body by Julia". She has some killer workouts, 50-70 minutes long. Tons of great workouts are still FREE! Fitness Blender also has a giant library of workouts. They continue to win praise from sites and magazines. I do feel bad for Lisa. Seems like BR has been swept up from under her.

    Awhile ago I checked on Rumi's site and she mentioned that her personal training demand went WAY up so she didn't have time to post workouts. Hope the best for her as well!

    I'd love for your blog to just drop the whole BR thing all together. What's the point! I come here to learn and to get great new links like FitForce! BR is over.

    1. Agree with the idea of dropping BR

    2. Thanks Pharaoh - I didn't realize that Rumi went back to personal training only. Good for her!
      And yes, M and Pharaoh, what is the point these days? Learning about new ways of fitness instead of the same old routines will be the focus of this blog. I too feel bad for Lisa - in more ways than one.

  4. I agree with Pharaoh. It's ridiculous how low BR has gotten. I really wish LM would do her own workouts and do her own thing since she's really the driving person and I really feel that she's restricted by what she can and can't do workout wise by being at BR. The original BR 30 day challenge was more in line with her training, in my opinion, than the constant 12 minute workouts. I'll still check out her live videos, but I'm completely done with their programs. I'm sure that this challenge, like every challenge before and after, will be 12 minutes, and I can find much better workouts and programs online that are varied. Based on cost and quality, it would be better to just buy one of FB's programs. I'm not against BR making money, you need to at this point, but I don't like the fact that it seems that they're stuck in the 12 minute model . You also drive a ton of traffic to BR, and people come here to get clarified on BR. In effect, you're helping them out but also getting threatened with legal action, which just doesn't make much sense to make posts for BR.

    1. The fact that people come here to get clarity makes me giggle. I can see why BR has to start charging money. Like I said - everything seems to be subscription these days. Amazon, Netflix, On Demand, Spotify, ITunes, etc, etc. Nothing is free! Google owns YouTube and doesn't make a DIME on it. How ironic? So I get it, but the way BR presented their latest bootcamp was off, but then again, not really a surprise. I'm sure the workouts will be great regardless, but as you said, the 12 minute model is getting old. And as you also said, no longer going to be part of this blog. NEW stuff coming!!!!

    2. Actually, BR posted Day 1 on their FB page. It's on Lisa's page as well. It looks decent, but more cardio than I like to do these days. The live workouts that she posts on FB are all anywhere from 20-30 minutes, and I'm undecided if I'll use any of them as a burn out. I gave up on BR years ago, but because of your blog, I tried some of their things again. I'll have to try one of her live workouts some time to see if it's any good, as well as the challenge, but from the moves in the first day of the challenge, I vastly prefer the original 30 day challenge.

  5. Bodyrock has only recently been on my radar SOLELY on account of your blog. I wouldn't have done the challenge with Lisa and Jacqui if it wasn't for your mentioning of it, and besides the initial 30 Day Challenge Lisa did back in the day, it was the best one I've ever done from them. Your "advertisement" of them is the best their is -- too bad they view critique as "hate" and discussion as "bullying". I say drop them as well -- they should be glad that there is ONE BLOG out there not on their payroll that gives a shit enough to provide free traffic.

    That Freddy accused you of slander shows how unintelligent he can be, which is rather unfortunate. You didn't lie about anything with intent to defame anyone. Good riddance to all of them.

    1. Thanks Liz! I appreciate all that! No, I never had any intent to defame them at all. XO

  6. So glad you're dropping BR (they're becoming primarily an online gym store now anyway. It feels like the workouts are just a way to make you buy equipment and it's not done with subtelty either...but what to expect!!) and so glad you're giving us new fresh websites to check out. Onwards and upwards...:)

    1. Yup, onwards and upwards it right. Thanks!

  7. I'm usually confused as to what's going on w body rock but u or your comment section usually have it figured out for me. I hope everything goes well w u and your blog.