Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stretch & Tone #2 with Zuzka

What are you guys thinking about this series? It's just a re-vamp on her Power Yoga - IMO..... BUT I like it a lot. Great if you are looking for something less intense. She really nails it here with a good workout that is not wiping you out and it is a good stretch.

Workout Breakdown
1. Sumo Squat side bend stretch (each side) x 10
2. Deep Side lunge stretch to wide legged standing forward bend x 10 alt.
I cannot do this stretch with my heel down! Even as flexible as I am. 

3. Heel lifted Sumo Squat to leg lift x 10 / 10
4. One leg standing leg extension and row with power band x 10 / 10
This was an interesting move - and pulling exercise! 

5. One leg squat to deadlift / leg lifts (x5) x 10 sets alt. legs (GREAT little glute burner)
6. One leg extended frog slide x 10 / 10
7. Hero / down dog / kneeling hip raise / half camel pose x 10 alt. sides
8. Pike Press / Leg lift (x2 alt) / Thoracic Bridge x 4 alt sides
9. Child pose

1 comment:

  1. I had to try that stretch can I do it with my heel down and yes I can, and I thought I am not even that flexible. =D Otherwise, I´m not a fan of these type of workouts, but that´s just my personal preference, I don´t like yoga stuff at all! =D I rather do my basic stretching of its own.