Thursday, June 16, 2016

ANOTHER New Workout Series with Zuzka: 15 Minute Fit Slide Workout #1

It is using 'sliders' or socks or slippers, etc:

From Zuzka: Hey guys, I have promised to do this workout series a little while ago, so I hope you’re still excited to do something different. This series is going to be really great for your core strength but our goal is to target all the major muscle groups. Here are some tips to get you ready:
1. I do not recommend to put your entire foot on the slider, because you don’t want your feet to slide all over the place uncontrollably.  Keep the sliders on the balls of your feet and use your heels as a break on the ground.
2.If you have hardwood floors, use fluffy socks or knitted slippers. If you have a carpet, use paper plates or smooth plastic dvd or cd covers (or whatever you can find at home for the purpose of sliding) You will also need a towel for under your knees if you are planning on doing push ups on your knees.
3. If you’re not 100% confident about any of the exercises, don’t push it. Use a common sense so that you don’t hurt yourself. It’s a completely different type of training than what we’re used to here in ZGYM so make sure to easy into every new move.

Workout Breakdown
1. Mountain Sliders x 40
2. Slide to side Push ups x 10
3. Curtsy slide lunge heel up / side slide lunge heel up x 10 / 10
4. Slide back lunge to slide plank x 20 alt. legs
5. Frog Sliders x 10

Zuzka uses slippers. I think this would be better if you actually bought the Val Sliders for the $10-$30 LOL.
The Slide Push-ups look hard! The Curtsy slide lunge heel up / side slide lunge heel up looks like it would be frustrating if the sliders don't cooperate, as with the Frog Sliders. And again with the damn tippy toe work! I would NOT do the Frog Sliders on my toes. Too much stress on the knees - IMO. 

But I DO like the variety this workout adds. I think adding in a slide exercise here and there to regular workout is a better idea as opposed to a whole routine with the sliders, but that's just what I think. I like the creativity that Z uses of using slippers, socks, paper plates, etc - instead of trying to make you buy equipment, even tho as I mentioned it might be better suited with the real val slides. Many of you have mentioned that you are tired of BR.TV's ads trying to sell equipment all the time. They don't do enough workouts and do WAY too many ads. But then again they do FREE workouts for the most part, so they have to make money somewhere, so they do it by selling equipment. Z does it by selling her workouts. Some people probably prefer BR.TV because the workouts are FREE. Z probably should do each of her new series for FREE and then go back to adding the follow ups to the ZGym - it might create more interest and sales. 
Let me know what you guys think of her latest series - this one and yesterday's Stretch & Tone. I think this one and yesterday's are good ones to be done together. 

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