Sunday, January 10, 2016

Still No Intermediate Program from BR.TV But I LOVE what Zuzka has Been Doing Lately!

I have not gotten any update from BR.TV on when they are actually going to release their intermediate program. :(
I am dying to see it! I love the combo of Lisa and Edith.
Hopefully tomorrow we will see some news? I am surprised that there is no public announcement, etc. The only reason I even knew it was postponed was because a reader of mine (Thanks again Lena) read it in one of the comments on Lisa's FB page. I mean why post it there only?

BR.TV posted this today about making a protein shake without protein powder and I am super interested in trying this! Has anyone tried gelatin in a smoothie?

Well, I have really liked that Zuzka is finally working with a heavier Kettlebell. She calls it the Beast (which actually the KB Beast is 106 lbs) and is now using a 44 lb KB as part of her workouts. LOVE that she is encouraging her subscribers to go heavier.
I also love that she keeps incorporating pull-ups. She has over done the pushing exercises for so long now, I love the change of pace.
I guess more Lifted Butt Series is coming next week using the 44lb bell. She says it will help her get a rounder butt. This cracked me up because she has a super round bubble butt to begin with. She does not have a pancake butt at all. The post on her Cardio Shred workout says lets put some meat on our buns. She has plenty of meat there - and I do not mean that in a bad way AT ALL.
Regardless I love it.
Zuzka said she has been working hard at getting rid of some chronic pain with months of home postural  therapy. I should look into it. I have some reoccurring back pain of my own.
She has also been posting a TON of recipes and there is one that I really want to try called Peanut Butter poppers:

Don't they look super delicious?!?!?!??!!!!


  1. I don't get how she had such bad back issues yet continued to do the type of workouts she does.

    1. Hey Ladies. I never thought about that. I can workout with back pain but I've had it for so long, that I wouldn't sdo anything if I used it as an excuse. Maybe she chose exercises that didn't bother her back? And she says that is why she hasn't used a heavier KB before now. OR maybe she's just trying to sell her postural program?!
      But there are days I DO have to avoid things like deadlifts, KB exercises and jumping because of my back.

    2. I feel like with back issues as bad as she makes it sound, her type of workouts would be bad to do while recovering. I can see working out for sure-- but it seems like plyometrics would be not be wise...I do wonder if she is exaggerating her pain for her postural stuff.

    3. She was born with I'm sure she's had to work through some pain and keep her core extra strong all her life. She said she herniated a disk last year or two years ago and thats what she was recovering from. I gather very painful. But I think her holding off the weight meant that it's taken her 1-2 years of holding back to recover fully. Hopefully she's not exaggerating for her own gains....or on the flip side pushing too hard and prepped to undo some of the recovery.
      Regardless I hope she keeps the hard workouts coming yay, loving it.

    4. I forgot that she mentioned that she has scoliosis before. It sure doesn't look like it, but I wonder if she wore a brace to fix it?

  2. I hope the program is worth to wait for, not random jumping as usual.