Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BR.TV's Intermediate Workout #1 With Lisa IS Live, And .....

......well, what did you guys think?

First of all though I have to say Lisa looks AH-Mazing! She looked super tan too, I wonder if she was just away? But her body looks really great.

The workout was only 12 minutes long, which I guess what to be expected, and yes we can easily repeat the workout to make it longer. There were only 4 exercises that you repeat 3 times through to make it the 12 min. I was hoping for a new format.

The exercises started with ....drum roll..... burpees! Lol. Lisa dips her low back whenever she does burpees and she needs to fix her form on that. Then mountain climbers, squat jumps, and squat and tucks. Not easy exercises and yes, I would be dying at the end of it, but a lot of jumping around again. I thought it would be more strength based, or at least I was hoping for that.

I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. I am looking more forward to Edith's workouts. I feel like she is better at incorporating resistance training. I didnt really expect anything else from Lisa. I have a hard time seeing how this "intermediate" challenge is different (difficulty-wise) from HIIT Max, Catching Fire etc. The time frame is the same, the exercises are the same - i dont see where HIIT Max is "max" and The Intermediate Challenge is "intermediate"?

    1. It is not much different - at least not this week with it being all cardio. Perhaps the other weeks will be different? I was hoping for a different format as well. But it is FREE and it helps people workout, so that's good.

  2. I've been doing the HiitLites and Beginner Bootcamp which are still challenge to me, but are quickly becoming easier. They've helped me lose 18lb since December 12th, which is awesome. I think the Intermediate Day 1 looks doable for me soon if I use the modifications she shows. She doesn't do a pushup with the burpee and shows that you can just step in and out without the jump. The mountain climbers can be slowed way down like I've been doing in the HiitLites. The touch down squats I'd try to do high impact at first then modify to stepping in and out like she shows. The squat and tucks don't look to bad but I don't have an equalizer so I I'd either do a squat and leg raise or use my pullup bar for the knee raise.

    It would have been nice if she'd shown the modified versions more, but then made a point of encouraging intermediates to try to do the regular version as much as possible and learn to push. I was a little taken aback by how out of breath LM was by the end. That made it seem more intimidating.

    1. WOW! 18 lbs!!! Good for you. I would love to hear how your journey continues following BR as time goes on.
      If Lisa showed more mods it would be geared towards beginners. I think she (and BR.TV) is trying to aim this to more of an intermediate crowd.
      With all the jumping around Lisa does (she likes this style of working out) she should be out of breath! Lol. Don't let it intimidate you. She does this stuff for a living. There is no reason you need to keep up. Sounds like you are doing TERRIFIC at your own pace. Keep it up! :)

    2. Thanks Gina. I've been reading your old blogs and just caught up the other day. So many great links, discussions, and gossip. It's helped keep me motivated. Now I'm reading through Bret Contreras old blog posts and I'm reading Strong Curves.

      From reading your advice on the blog I decided to add hip thrusts or band assisted pullups before my bodyrock workouts. I just alternate them each day. It's really motivating to see progression. I'm also doing Travis Eliot's Yin Yoga at night. I could barely stand to do a seated forward bend touching my knees for the 5 mins when I started. My hips were so tight.

      Thanks for the inspiration Gina, and I'll keep chiming in with my beginner perspectives.