Saturday, January 16, 2016

BR'TV's Intermediate Challenge is Still Coming Soon? Cardio Shred #27 From Zuzka

I saw this posted on Lisa's FB page this morning and I added my own comment to it:

Jennifer Wright Where is the intermediate challenge? Thought it was due out beginning of Jan?
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Lisa-Marie BodyRock.Tv it's having things added ... hoping next week, just keep an eye on ur email xx
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Jennifer Wright Ok great thanks! x
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Gina Trimarchi Martin You guys should really do a new post on what is going on with the intermediate series - please? It was originally advertised as coming out on Jan 6th. We are waiting for you Lisa! smile emoticon
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So it looks like BR.TV is hoping the series starts next week. Let's hope so too! I STILL do not understand why they do not have a separate post on it explaining what is going on. It is free, but it is still good customer service to do so. Or am I crazy? I was really looking forward to it!

Zuzka posted her Cardio Shred #27. This is one of my favorite workouts she has done in a long time. I loved the combo of exercises and it is really a full body routine - push, pull, arms, legs, abs, cardio. GREAT routine in my opinion:

Workout Breakdown
15 min. AMRAP
1. Ballerina Bounce 80 reps switching legs for each 10 reps (two swings of the rope counts as 1 rep)
*You can do weighted heel raises instead, just stand tall with dumbbells in your hands and go up onto the balls of your feet lifting the heels off the ground. Do 40 reps.  
4. Jump Rope DBU x 20
*if you can’t jump rope, grab your dumbbells and do half squat to heel raise x 20 reps
5. Pull up to jump lunge (x4) x 6
*Instead of jump lunge, grab your dumbbells and do 4 alternating backward lunges


  1. I read on LM instagram that the intermediate challenge should be up today, but I didn't receive anything yet.

    At first I wanted to incoporate the challenge in addition to Zuzka schedule but she offers very good stuff these days so I may stick to her schedule.

  2. On another note, did you know if Lisa gets a personnal trainer certification of any kind? On her biography on Instragram she doesn't write that she have one. Isn't suprising? After all these years, she should have one IMO