Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Latest From BR.TV: Build Your Butt, Fitness Model eBook by Edith, Break Up With Bread eBook, and How To Get Sexy Abs

I have received BR.TV's PLUS info over the last few weeks including the following (below) and thought I would share! So for those of you who are still paying for BR Plus, you should have gotten the following or for those of you who are interested, here is a sample.

I most recently got their Build Your Butt Challenge, which is part of Edith's beginner series:

It is definitely geared towards newbies.

Edith also released her Fitness Model Diet Guide eBook, and here is a glimpse of what it covers:

Lastly, I had gotten BR.TV's Break Up With Bread eBook and I forgot about it. Here is a glimpse on what it covers as well:

Here is another one of their eBooks on how to get Sexy Abs:

Other than the one by Edith, I wonder who writes these eBooks. They just say by Bodyrock. They list their sources, but who puts it together. Freddy? Sean? Lisa? All of the above?

For those of you who do get the eBooks, what do you think?


  1. Great to see you are back Gina, this is my favourite blog :). i check it out every day. are you still a member of the zgym? wondering about her new workouts, i quit my membership for the second time, i loved her workouts when she did share her own.

    1. Thank so much! Yeah, with my new job and the kids schedule I do not get to post as much as I would like to. :(
      I quit my membership for the second time too. I just don't do her workouts enough to justify it. Though I will probably join it again! Im sticking with my getglutes with Bret!

  2. BR post so different things at the same time, it's hard to keep up. On the begginer series, it's not always new workouts, on day 17 for exemple, it's the same workout as day 3.

  3. I never thought there would be a day where I didn't follow Bodyrock but since their second installment of HIITMax this year, I haven't been excited or inspired by them. I no longer consider it a resource for my fitness needs for a number of reasons: Their articles are all over the place; their website isn't pleasing to the eye; nothing is streamlined. What seemingly should get your attention on their website is overshadowed by articles and listicles. I'm sure there's great information there, but it's lost its focus (which, to me, was a team of enthusiasts who brought fun, clever workouts that switched things up. Rather it feels like the focus has been blurred and frankly I'm not sure what they're going for anymore. I feel excluded but maybe that's okay because I've been able to make gains otherwise. But as a long-time follower, I'm no longer interested. Guess that's just how it goes.

    1. I agree Liz. I have not found them nearly as interesting in a while either. I am not sure what they are doing?
      I was wondering if Lisa was leaving, but she still responds on FB all the time.
      What are you following now instead of BR?

    2. i did follow Melissas hiitmafia challenge as long as it lasted and now the 12 week freak mode program on bodybuilding :).

    3. @Gina Honestly, I haven't really been following anything religiously, but I've been trying to lift a bit heavier where I can, while incorporating some ~strictly cardiovascular work as well. I am saving up for an adjustable set of weights for Christmas and also plan on getting a 20 lb weighted vest to wear during walks around my neighborhood on active rest days. :) Right now I'm working with about 40 lbs and hope to progress more so.
      I also plan on joining that Get Glutes program as well! Thanks for informing us about it.